The Underground Of BELGIUM

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Psychedelic celebrations are already firmly established in the 90’s , here in our little Belgium..I started at the open air festivals of dance a Delic early 2000 .
Which was a turning point in my choice of music and partying . It all started with the Oldschool sound that is well known. In the year 2003, the Full -On sound more emerged ( Melodic , And a lot of Israeli artists) . And it was a nice mix of both styles . Today, the Old School sound is still very poulair in Belgium . With Suntrip Records certainly known for their Melodic , Uplifting Goa -Trance , which brings you back to the old days . Also Greentree Records is one of the leading Psy -Trance Labels in our country . With many more releases and parties in the main stream Psychedelic Trance genre . They brought already nice Live Acts to Belgium.And ofcourse Dacru Records also gives great partys,more focused on FullOn Psychedelics . Also Internationally known for their artists and nice releases.And the Unio Mystica events are also worth a visit if you are in Belgium . They have parties in many styles and genres of Psychedelic Trance .
So something for everyone in our small country . With every weekend a party somewhere , so you will not get bored that’s for sure .The most partying is into smaller cozy remote locations.But sometimes it is not easy to find a location for Psychedelic partys ,and the police sometimes stops a party!Ofcourse there are regular greater Mainstream partys, whit a lot of famous and upcoming international Live-Acts.And in the summertime we have a few Open Air Festivals in Belgium. But A Big Psytrance Festival from 4-5 days is still not possible in Belgium. So tHATS iT nOWADAYS,,, hOPE 2 cu sometime on Belgium Playground.

Cheers , Sebidelica