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Ecl-annFor all you umbraphiles (lover of the eclipse) a celestial show is just on the horizon. On March 20th, the same day as the March Equinox, there’s going to be a solar eclipse. This is the first total solar eclipse that coincidences with the vernal equinox since 1662.

The Faroe Islands and Svalbard (Norway) will have a Total solar eclipse. Europe, northern & western Africa, and northern & eastern Asia will get a partial solar eclipse. The event will start at 07:41 UTC and end at 11:50 UTC. The moon turns new a mere 14 hours after attaining lunar perigee (the closest point the moon is to the earth), thus making it a Supermoon.

This eclipse is slotted to be the darkest to hit Europe since 1999. For those who will not fall under the moon’s shadow, you can watch the live stream of the show at the Virtual Telescope Project. If you are planning to watch it analog, please make sure to wear the appropriate protection.

(Photo Credit: sancho_panza)

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