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Looking at your 12-year history, Moon Spirit repeatedly discovered some amazing artists…
Indeed, for example we are still very proud of having released the first Silicon Sound Album, ‘Pure Analog’! Also we had the pleasure to present the Sirius Isness debut album, „Resolution of Duality’, and Aladiah’s mighty „Nuclear Vision’.
How would you describe your recent music policy? Today, Moon Spirits Records stands for a very heterogeneous and varied sound, including many different styles such as Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Full On, Ambient and even more. What matters in the end is the quality! We would like to invite the listeners to discover new gems and surprises from the young generation of this third millennium, producers like Daydream, Strange Planet, Cristo Disto, Rising Dawn or Psyva…
So what’s happening at the label right now?
We‘ve released the compilation „Nu Midgard’ compiled by DJ Tripper just before the summer and we have some pleasant surprises in the pipeline right now For instance, the 2nd album of Kinesis which comes with a lot of great remixes of Talamasca, Black & White, Perplex and Cyrus The Virus. Another very special release we present with big pleasure is the exciting first album from Voyager‘s new Progressive project, named „Ocean’.
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In den letzten 12 Jahren hat sich Moon Spirits Records immer wieder als psychedelischer Innovationsmotor erwiesen, etwa mit der Entdeckung von Silicon Sound. Aktuell wird dieser Trend mit der Compilation „Nu Midgard’, einem neuen Kinesis Album und dem Debütalbum von Voyager’s Progressive Projekt „Ocean’ fortgesetzt.

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