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Canada © by Andrei Kulamkarov

Canada © by Andrei Kulamkarov

Trance truly is a global movement and Canada is no exception with pretty much every sub genre well represented from coast to coast. Being such is a large and diverse country with a wide variety of styles performers often have the ability to play several different genres depending on where they are playing. The East Coast has more of a European influence whereas the West Coast has its own unique flavour.

With the huge hippie movement that began in the 60’s, the vibe has very much spread into West Coast music and culture.
Although there are some notable events in winter, the summer festival season is what the Canadian scene is all about. Some festivals are dedicated to Trance and some cross over with other electronic styles on alternate floors, but with no particular vibe dominating the scene, you will find a mix of full on Psytrance, Progressive Psy, Breaks and Chill mixed in with funky Canadian Bass music.

© by Andrei Kulamkarov

© by Andrei Kulamkarov

Montreal’s Eclipse festival, Motion Notion in Alberta, Entheos, Karma, Diversity, and Shambhala are all well established festivals that embrace Trance culture. One of the most exciting events in the 2013 line-up is Believe Freedom Festival, a 5 day electronic, World Music and cultural event set to make its debut this year at the Whistler Olympic Park in British Columbia. The project has teamed up with IONO Music from Berlin to bring the biggest group of Progressive stars ever in North America to the event. There is also a lineup of World Music planned that will showcase Reggae, Hip Hop and cultural performances with traditional instruments and dancers.

Canada also boasts a healthy club scene where promoters from the east network with the west promoters to split the costs and bring in top international acts that share the stage with local stars. Trance, Techno and House are all main floor genres but also influenced by American Hip Hop culture with glitches and breaks. Tribal Harmonics is a great source for festival and party information in Canada.

Text by:
TestPilot from The DMT Lab

Chris Dyer - Photography by J.F. Maihot1

Chris Dyer – Photography by J.F. Maihot1

Chris Dyer
If you come to Canada you should definitely visit Montreal! It‘s the island city I live in and it rules. Super fun mix between french and english cultures living in harmony. Mostly inhabited by young students, artists and musicians. Best parties of our whole country, beautiful European style architecture. Culture. Open mindedness to counter cultures. A big activist movement. Lots of Street Art. The cheapest rent in north america for a big city with almost no crime. Great skate spots. Tons of hot chicks. Hella Festivals. Poutine!

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