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World Wide Weed – Kanada Legalisierung

Ende 2013 bezogen 37000 Kanadier Cannabis als Medizin, mit der neuen Regelung Anfang 2014 ist diese Zahl stark gestiegen…

fashion special the fairies pyjamas

Fashion Special 2016: Fairies Pyjamas

Fairies Pyjamas is a sustainable clothing company owned and designed by Michelle Lynn Johnson and her life partner Bryan Smart from Ontario, Canada. Fairies Pyjamas FairyMichelle has been working with a fair trade production facility in Kathmandu, Nepal since first […]


Psytrance scene in Canada: From shore to shore, this scene is as varied as its landscape

O Canada! Such a massive chunk of land on which you can stomp your feet! With the Rocky Mountains, the tundra and arctic, the deep forests, two oceans, the St-Lawrence River and gulf, countless lakes and rivers; the endless stretches of wilderness […]


CANADA: The Northern Psychedelic Trancescene

The psytrance scene in Canada is a very diverse culture, due to the large land (6000km from coast to coast) and demographic area (#1 western country in multiculturalism).

Psytrance scene in Canada

Trance truly is a global movement and Canada is no exception with pretty much every sub genre well represented from coast to coast. Being such is a large and diverse country with a wide variety of styles performers often have […]

A wilderness paradise of Psytrance in CANADA

Canada is a country where you can dance under the stars and the glow of the Northern Lights on a warm summer’s night or take part in a snowbound weekend retreat tucked away in a warm winter lodge. Blessed with […]

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