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Whrikk from the holy land

 Whrikk is Matthijs van der Geest lives in Haarlem / Netherlands. This young sympathic dude from our neighbour country grew up in a jazzy nest and really caused big sensation in the psychedelic circuit the last year. His work seems to be kind of new to the scene and his evolution in sound creation is extraordinary. Large and viscious signals muffled by green smoke, have been heard from the peaks of the many riffs and special rhythms. That’s why he screws the minds neglecting the traditional strategy of producing. His tales are always surprising and the music constantly gives turns and twists which you don’t expect.Continually releasing his music on the leading labels focusing on the abstract and foresty side of the psychedelics he also started to play mindblowing live gigs all over Europe and is ready to jump overseas to present his exceptional fresh juicy music to the community abroad. Keep your eyes and ears open for line ups of the big festivals in the future!

Parvati Records label night in Swiss resheduled

The Parvati Night in Zurich / Swiss was resheduled to the 11th of February due to location problems. Now it’s confirmed in the Stadthalle Dietikon with some of the leaders of the Parvati artistrooster: Atriohm, Jahbo or Baba Yaga will delight the crowd with serious live gigs and on the decks labelhead Guiseppe and Ilse will spin psychedelic sets in the pure parvati vibe! Further Onkel Dunkel fixed a serious world tour to present his album „Use Your Head’ and just got the confirmation playing on next year’s Boom Festival.

Entropy are back!
With the already fourth album by Pit and Omer from the Doof Records family in Israel they will again create sensation, there will be no doubt. The first album „The Second Law Of Thermodynamics’ was a trademark for this characteristic earcracking soundcreation and so „Fruit Cake’ was made in the typical manner fans love their music from the very begining.

They squeeze the knobs in their very special way and have some really stunning tracks to present. These two musicians never dissappointed their fan community always remaining being faithful to their true psychedelic attitudes and giving this verily mindblow back to the crowd. This album will again rock the floors around the globe and is scheduled for the 21st December! Horray!!!

New album by -Z:
The new label Sangoma Records, a sub-branch from South African Timecode Records ,was initiated by Dj Daksinamurti. The northern Germany duo Z, formed by Dj Alpha and Antagon, announcing already their second album „Gospodin’.

In the meaning to create a concept album they expand with some of the leaders of the scene. So you find collaborations with Kindzadza or Cosmo, a homage to the great revolutionary Che Guevara and a remix of Bauhaus´ ‘Bela Lugosi´s Dead’ from the 80s. Release date is fixed for 9th of December. Happy Christmas.

Vantara Vichitra from -Bangalore:
Dj Cacofonix one of the heads of Vantara Vichitra was responsible with his partner Alien Trancesistor for the second strike yet to come. After their substantial debut compilation „Schismatic Transposition’ the two creative heads Vikram and Vineeth are ready to launch the second stroke. It will be called „Exist Prime’.

They also are producing music by themselves and it’s for sure just a matter of time they will also make an appearance as artists producing juicy tracks. Acts like Full Face from Greece, Farebi Jalebi from Australia, Back Gammon from Japan or Kerlivin from Taiwan making this nice piece yet an international treat and of course something worth to wait for. Release date is scheduled for early 2012. „As we travel from void to void, we experience the magical meaning of meaningful magic. Welcome aboard Exist Prime!’

Treetrolla Records are back after long break:
The socerers of Treetrolla were cooking new potions to present us with new magic of abstract and life organic music. „Creaking Rhythms Valley‘ the new baby is called and already in the mastering process in what Xenomorph is responsible for.We find the upcoming star Whrikk from the Netherlands or one part of Derango in the shape of Purosurpo dealing in between acts like Ka-Sol or Amorphous. This is the second output by the Treetrollas, so this just can be a pearl and has very high expectations as the first one was really great as debut. Anxiously waiting for!
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