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Bluetech just released a new surprise album named Rainforest Reverberationcriticalbeats on bandcamp to learn more about where the Rainforest Reverberation contributions are utilised.

Another surprise release that pretty much went under the radar is the new Entheogenic album- Gaia Sophia. It was released last month via the band bandcamp page (entheogenic on bandcamp ). It contains 5 tracks including the opening 27.5 minutes long opener, ‘Love Letters to the Soul’. The duo has split ways and Entheogenic is just Piers Oak-Rhind these days. The music on this one seems to be more on part with the direction they took in their first two albums.

A new album for Master Margherita released on Italian based label Blue Hour Sounds. With The Marginal Rules, Moreno continues his work starting with his last album on Peak Records, ‘Hippies with Gadgets‘, creating evanescent atmospheres that carry us on a musical journey around the world. The album features a fluid collaboration with musicians from all over the world and Blue Hour Sounds promise that soul music is the source behind the ingenious mixture of the elements: percussion, guitars, birds, violins & the chords of the bass guitar.
Liquid Stranger released a new album- The Arcane Terrain on May 31st in Interchill Records. Interchill promise that The Arcane Terrain obliterates the boundaries separating dubstep, grime, dub, breaks, hip hop and outernational crunkadelica. The album picks up the thread from Stranger’s recent releases on Interchill – The Intergalactic Slapstick and The Steel Trap EP – and continues down the meandering path of bass laden revelry. The album will be followed by a second Liquid Stranger release in September, ‘The Renegade Crusade‘, that aims at DJ’s and lovers of bass music with stripped down mixes, instrumentals and significantly more dirt and grime than this one. Liquid Stranger embarks on the Renegade Crusade Tour this summer in support of the new albums.
Altar Records continue to supply us with deep chilled music from Russia, with a debut album from TaFF- Moon Princess. TaFF is Sergey Bondarenko, who is known for accompanying Chronos live on stage with his skilled flute-work on a variety of different types of flute. Together Chronos, TaFF have released a mini-CD titled ‘When the Day Turns to Night’, which was released in the summer of 2010 on Altar Records. Moon Princess is based on an ancient Chinese tale that has been crafted into a musical story with care and patience. This album has been three years in the making and Altar promise a a superb organic chill-out album with a great character.

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