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Paulina Cewe has developed deep atmospheric progressive trance by both producing and djing since early 2000. The insatiable appetite for grinding beats and piercing bass lines has been her driving force with one common denominator: to find explicit tracks that not only will be appreciated but above all memorable and non-generic. Subsequently, in 2011 the medical student from Stockholm, Sweden, has also been awarded an honoring scholarship as an upcoming producer from the Swedish Musical Composers Agency.

What do you think about the future of trance?
From a producers viewpoint, trance never gets stuck in a rut but always keeps evolving, sprouting new subgenres and followers. I think that there are few genres that have such a loyal fan base as the trance scene, which is essential for the artists to keep sounding fresh while still respecting and staying true to the original formula. As an observer, in terms of cd sales, downloads and music labels the time for change is now and it will be interesting to see what path the fans will choose to take. In the end they decide what the future holds.

If your music was a color, which would it be:
Fire Engine Red.

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