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Having his first appearances in Italy in the late nineties, psytrance has grown a lot in these past years. Now we can finally consider our scene mature, active and rich of interesting projects & realities.

Looking through the scene, we can see that there are some good and worldwide appreciated live projects like Etnica, Dust, Ilai, Purple Raver,Nukleall, M-Theory Phase, Mole, Assioma, Hypogeo, Anx, Polar Shift, Civa, Elegy, Dual Vision, Shyisma, Alion, Mr.Trip, Caveman, Peyo, Pineal, Instinct Wave, Bao, N.E.S, Sound Dragon. The label panorama is also rich of shapes and includes labels in the like of Neurobiotic, Blacklite, Looney Moon, MMH, Blue Hour Sounds, Goanmantra, Veleno, Pixan, Mental Drop, Electric moon. There are also a lot of many good djs but it could be really impossible to mention all of them, the most famous are Fog, Phobos, Edoardo, Gino,Luca & Jazzmine, Piero Nataraja Temple, Kikx, Arjuna.

The styles of music that you can find in a party in Italy goes from Progressive to Full On, from Underground to Dark and Hi-tech….all the tastes can be satisfied! The number of the events and parties has grown exponentially over the last decade and the most important festivals are the consolidated Sonica and Black Moon. There is also a constellation of many good crews organizing parties, often with international guests like Eudaimonia, Blacklite, Looney Moon, Goa Project, Creative Jungle, Free Spirit, Monkey Sexplosion, Quarion Tribe, MK, Believe, Evolution Family, Merkaba, Goa Sound Project, Different Reality, Hydrosphere, Rotta su Goa, Dream project, Trancemission, PsyFamily, SemantiK Om and many more. Also the decoration art and the visuals have a big relevance and impact on the atmosphere of the parties. Here we can remember decoration teams like Looney Moon Deco, Hydrosphere, Filtro, Free Spirit, Psyko Karma and vjs like Delta Process, Sister Ray, VGA for Breakfast, Tribe, Eraldo Dex and many more. Analyzing the distribution of the psytrance on the territory we notice that the land seems divided in the middle, and there are not so many constantly active realities in the south. The scene is active mainly from Rome to the North.

Thinking at the vibe spreaded during the parties we can say that it has been kept genuine and this scene has not been sold too much to what we can call a”commercial enviroment”. Altough if the numbers are a bit bigger now and there’s an increasing interest in the young generations in this kind of music, this particular genre ‘still moves proudly in the underground!


Main Artist:

Purple Raver
Purple Raver on facebook

More artists:

Dust,Nukleall, Phase, Mole, Ilai, Etnica Assioma,
Hypogeo, Anx, Civa, Polar Shift, Elegy,
Dual Vision, Shyisma,
Alion, Mr.Trip, Caveman, Pineal.


The most important Psytrance related label:

Blacklite Records

More labels

Neurobiotic, Blacklite, Looney Moon, MMH, Blue Hour Sounds,
Goanmantra, Veleno, Pixan, Mental Drop, Electric moon.


The most important Party/Festival:

Sonica Dance Festival

More parties:

Blacklite Records, Blackmoon, Eudaimonia, GoaProject, Looney Moon,
Goa sound project, MK, Evolution Family, Veleno Staff, Different Reality,
Free Spirit Foundation, Merkaba, Monkey Sexplosion, Quarion Tribe,
Rotta su Goa, Trancemission project

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

Looney Moon Deco Team

More deco artists:

Hydrosphere, Klaudia Free Spirit, PsycoKarma, Filtro

The preferred music style in your country:

Full On, Progressive

Party times:

Usually from 00:00 to 12:00

Afterparty culture.

Little after parties are quite common, usually family/crews reunions, not so many commercial events.


The range is from free party to 20 euro of entrance fee.

Drug screening:

Not so common but available sometimes. Usually powered by Neutravel Org/Crew.

Points of interest:

Art & Culture at 360 degrees

Best places for activities:

  • Natural places from the Alps to the sea
  • Historycal Cities

Best places to stay:

  • Agriturismo
  • B&B

Best places to eat:

  • Pizzerie
  • Ristoranti
  • Trattorie
  • Osterie
  • Pasticcerie


Website 1.

Blacklite Records

Website 2.

Looney Moon Records

Website 3.

Blue Hour Sounds

Funny Stuff:


Don’t worry if you listen to someone honking with the traffic light on red….

About the Author:


Lucio Munari – Purple Raver



About You:

Purple Raver is the Psy Trance project of Lucio Munari, italian musician & sound engineer based in Turin, Italy. He has played Classical music for many years and has taken a degree in Transverse Flute. The love for electronic music started with rave parties in the late nineties. In 2001 he took his firsts drum machines, samplers and sequencers to compose his own electronic stuff. In 2003 he published “Livin’ on a border line” Ep, that has obtained good reviews on web and magazines. After discovering the psy trance culture, in 2005 he joined the Looney Moon records & party organization and he started to djing all around Italy. In 2007 he started working at Blacklite Studio,a professional team of artists & sound engineers, giving life to his own live project with a new environment. In 2010 he founded Blacklite records, in straight cooperation with his friend and artist Nukleall. His versatile style has many flavoured blends and travels between Progressive, Psytech & Morning Full On, perfect for the dawn. In these years he has played regularly all over Italy but also in Austria, France, UK, Spain, Greece, Croazia Portugal, Poland and India. After some releases on Blacklite Records he is actually workin on a new Ep & organizing label parties in Turin

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Morning Full on

Your Role

Art Director & Producer for Blacklite Records


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