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The Swiss Psytrance-Scene is growing and growing.

The new generation of party goers has arrived and with this we remove us ever further away from the fine small parties where it is sufficient too book national artists and dj’s and the guests are happy with it.A few years ago we were still undemanding what was the line-up. We were delighted when it was an international live act, which played a 1 hour live-set for us. Now it seems almost as we were spoilt for choice from the huge range of large parties & festivals that are mutually exclusive with even greater and more spectacular offer want to outsmart. A great name is barely even to the people at the party and it is becoming more and more difficult to attract as a small label in the large.

For my part, I hope that we can remain in a healthy mediocrity, that there is room in our little Switzerland for both types of events. Certainly a positive aspect of this change is that we have again, many large festivals in Switzerland. This summer we have in the Swiss mountains 5 big festivals within 3 months. (shankra, burning mountain, one Love, V. I.R.U.S , summer never end).

There is such a big offer which is not necessary it any more to visit a festival abroad. Because there is nothing more beautiful than 4 days in the middle of the Swiss mountains, to dance, laugh and celebrate. And no matter how big our scene became in Switzerland, we will always be a big psytrance-family.

Text: Rebecca LaNeige
Rebecca LaNeige on facebook


Main artist

Silent Sphere (Solar-Tech Records), since over 10 years they are an important component of the Switzerland Psy-Trance Scene. Silent Sphere’s sound can be described as Psychedelic Trance with influences from progressive trance, full-on, and techno creating a truly unique and cutting edge sound.

More artist

We have a few of great artist from Switzerland, the biggest exports are definitely Liquid Soul , AJJA and Tezla. These three artistes are on home, as well as on foreign stages at home. However, they still are for a long time not everything what our small Switzerland in musical tidbit has to offer. We have a huge number of high-quality DJ’s and artistes. No matter whether for a long time including like M! GUZ, Müstik, Solaris, Creator, Mercury Fall or freshly in addition come like InTakt, Johnny Reverb, Jumpstreet and Bassfactor. They all play in the best parties and festivals of Switzerland and give unforgettable nights and days to us over and over again. If these stand on a Line-Up, a visit is always worthwhile.

Deco artist

IV-3D Deco Team / Impact Vison, their goal is to create visual projects, to create a visual impact in people’s minds.
Open senses of each person.

More deco artists

For the Party-folks in Switzerland the Decoration is very important. I think is because the people paying so much entree-fees for parties, then they want to be convinced acoustically and optically. We have a lot of great deco-teams like, Chromatic Eyes, Bugs Designs, Laser & Light Project, Neon Spirit and many more, which do from each location something special.

Party times:

The preferred music style in your country

There is no preferred music style in Switzerland, from Progressiv-Hightech you will find everything. We are very open to every style of music.


Switzerland is expensive even you don’t work and live here. For a small party with no international artist the fee is about 10 Euro.
If you wanna go to a mid-sized party with 1 or 2 international artist you have to count with a fee from 20-35 Euro.
For a big party you have to reach deeply in the pocket, the price is about 40-65 Euro and it also can be more.

The Beverages are expensive too.
Tab water you get normally for free.
Sparkling water is about 3 Euro.
If you are a beer-lover you have to pay 6-8 Euro
and for longdrinks the prices are between 10-15 Euro.

More parties

There is not only one important party organisation in Switzerland, they all are important and carry in addition on it that the Swiss Psytrance scene can grow and prosper.There are the big labels like Mystica, Raumklang, Progressive Experience, V.I.R.U.S, WAP which spoil us a couple of times in the year with perfectly organized Events. They book the best one what the world has to offer for an Event to make each happy from progressive Psytrance. The best Deko teams are engaged by them and bring the eyes of the guests to shine.Not each likes big parties, therefore, we are glad that there are also small very professional party organizations. Organizations like Future Universe, Visions of Paradise, Fractal Records, Progy virus, explosive Nature, Xerks Music, give monthly-weekly wonderfull nights to us.They build their decorations mostly themselves, stand in the box office, wardrobe and celebrate with the party-folks. Their parties are homely, familiarly and invite to stay. But no matter if largely or small, all events are organised with a lot of love and heart blood and connect us to a big Psy family.


The Parties are starting often from 9 o’clock in the evening and close about 8 o’clock in the morning.
But it really depends in which location the party is.


Fashion & Lifestyle:


Funny Stuff


In Switzerland we speak four different languages. (German, French, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanic)
But often in every part their speak just their languages, that mean, if someone from the french part of Switzerland
is going to the German-Part they will not understand each other! 🙂



Rebecca LaNeige


Your role:
First i’m a often seen guest at parties in every part of Switzerland.
My heart hits for the psychedelic music.

Secondly im a party organizer, my boyfriend and I founded two years ago the label FUTURE UNIVERSE
We organize parties in lucerne for maximum 800 guests. We like to book artist which are not that often in Switzerland.
We wanna bring great music to our hometown and share it with people which also falls in love with this kind of music.

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