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Hallucinogen gave an amazing interview some time back in the past,  read more to find out, what was said:

Hallucinogen in the mushroom time machine

After more than 21 years of mushroom magazine we are now diving into the past with the new mushroom time machine. We will be sharing interesting articles which were published way back in time. Articles can include features with artists, cool interviews, and other fun stuff! For this episode of the mushroom time machine we have Hallucinogen. It’s an article from mushroom magazine edition August 2008.

About Hallucinogen

Simon Posford, better known by his stage name Hallucinogen is an English electronic musician, specializing in psychedelic trance music. His first studio album, Twisted, released in 1995, is considered one of the most influential albums in the genre. He has toured India several times.

His second album, The Lone Deranger, was released in 1997. A third album, In Dub, was released in 2002.

He is also the founder of the label Twisted Records and works in the electronic duos Younger Brother and Shpongle. Younger Brother initially began as a side project of Posford and Benji Vaughan and represented a transition away from previous projects which emphasized a more synthesized style.

Though his music has been described as “heavily driven by psychedelica”, he always performs while sober due to the complexity of operating computers during his events. ( source: wikipedia)

The Interview:


Hallucinogen Sounds

The complete mushroom magazine with Hallucinogen interview  inside

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