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Who is Krusseldorf and where does the name come from?
Krusseldorf is all of us, the collective village of beast, insect and man. The name was visualized during several occasions, one was a deep meditative and drug infused state.Tell us about your new album- From Soil to Space.
The album was a hard one to nail down the tracks for. Aleph Zero really helped me with that. The album is a highly philosophical one, depicting both the conscious and physical growth of all things. From the mindset of a pretty local consciousness moving through both a global and galactic one. Of course there is a crystal clear hidden’ meaning to the name as well, but… it really needs no explaining. I experimented a lot to try and make this album highly dynamic through the low ends and high ones without the high end disturbing the harmonies. There is a dark bassy vibe to this one with a load of atmospherics and glitchiness.

After releases with Iboga, Beats & Pieces and Sofa Beats, you have a new album coming out on Aleph Zero Records. Is there a difference between the different releases on the different labels?
Yeah, there is a huge difference not only in what I CAN produce, but what I feel is fitting for the label. It also depends on both the input and the collaborations.

Your music is very atmospheric and cinematic and also quite psychedelic- why do you think it takes this direction?
I love the creation of worlds and when I listen to music myself I rather do it in a darkened room with my eyes closed than on the dancefloor, that includes every genre of music, even dance music. I have this idea that music should be visualized and I try to paint objects with soundwaves and using some reference techniques, like say using a drop of water with a low pass reverb to get a feeling of being deep underground. Even if you twist the original sample to sound different, there is this part of the brain that still picks up on it and sucks your right in there. I think my background with Atrium Carceri is sure to leak over into Krusseldorf as well, anyone into darker cinematic stuff should check that out.
What does the future holds for Krusseldorf? What are you working on now? Any future plans?
I just moved my studio from Stockholm, Sweden to Southbay, California so things are kind of hectic right now. But once things settle down I am to finish the album I am collaborating with Behind Blue Eyes on Iboga and start working on some more Krusseldorf material! I have been talking with Beats & Pieces about something, but I am not sure how much I am allowed to reveal so let‘s leave it at that.

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From Soil to Space

From Soil to Space is a deep musical journey ranging on wide spectrums on many levels, as the album name aptly explains. A challenging and yet dreamy album, psychedelic and atmospheric, it journeys through dark depths, contemplative moments and optimistic caressing melodies.

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