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Finland has been known for the crazy forest parties and the crazy indigenous psychedelic music and the scene in the country has extended roots in the old times Goa culture.

However and especially in the music, the European currents have reach the shores of Finland as well, and alongside the traditional psychedelic punks Texas Faggott, Squarefeet, Freakdance Records, Antiscarp Records and others there has come out numerous artists with a straight out psy trance production. The ones to watch out among others are Evocatone, Vertical, Rye Smugglers, Nebula Meltdown, Kirna, Cosmic Delusion and Soladria, and some of them you can catch frequently playing abroad as well.

Deejays are also active and performing in Finland as well as abroad. Those you should definitely go to listen are for example Tim Duster, Yonagual, Miazu&Polly, Dogora and Terva. The Finnish party culture is very active in other fields as well. The decoration collective Flowers of Life has already established themselves around international festivals and the newcomer DekoTukos is following with their amazing innovations. Many performance groups have also come up recently, among them Luovius and Mood for Hoop. Finnish psy people also travel a lot – you will meet them in most of the European festivals and you can’t really miss a Finn in Chapora in Goa as Finnish people escape the freezing north winter to warmer latitudes like India. Finland still has a small scene, but dedicated one. However, many people are interested in the scene and the music and the parties gather a lot of audiences these days. Last summer we saw the biggest dance floor ever when 10 000 people stomped in a park in middle of Helsinki to the tunes of Tristan and RajaRam in a party produced by Thirteen Production.

The parties are many and especially in the summertime you can find a party from the most big cities, such as Helsinki and Tampere, almost every weekend. The underground movement is especially strong in Helsinki area. You can hear in underground parties also techno, drum and bass, dubsteps and other genres, psy trance being the biggest all in all. The most notorious party organizers at the moment are People of the Butterflies, Aura, 7th Heaven Lab and Goa in Helsinki and Futuristics in Tampere, but numerous smaller collectives and groups arrange gatherings in the urban underground venues as well as in the forests. Finland is a small country by population, but still we have room for three different festivals during the short warm season which is called summer. Kosmos Festival took place this year for the first time in early June and will continue next year with their three stages and healing area. Lawatanssit in the end of June will feature psy line up as well with many old school names from Finland and abroad. Metsäfestival will take place in July with massive international line up.

All in all, Finland has become one of the psy trance destinations in the world. But be warned, this applies only in the summer – Finnish winter is freezing also the party scene, but not completely as you can find cozy cottage parties every now and then around Finnish country side also in the winter, along with numerous club events in city environments.

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