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To talk about psytrance scene in Montenegro, small and beautiful country in the Balkans, one must first know that whole electronic music party scene is still weak, but growing, and it’s mostly house music oriented.

Therefor, the same goes for the psytrance scene which is still pretty underground. First psytrance DJ organization, Pitch ‘n’ Destroy, was formed back in 2002 by 3 DJs, and for more then 10 years they have been playing on many successful, usually smaller, indoor and outdoor events. Parties were held mostly in various clubs in Podgorica (capital city of Montenegro) and some of them include party with John 00 Fleming & Prosper (november 2007), “Happy Trance Year” events that were held on Ortodox New Year’s Eve (January 13th 2005 – 2012) and beach parties held on wonderful Ada Bojana, near the city of Ulcinj (May 1st 2011 – 2013). Other then this local organisation, there were some other successful trance events like Entrance festival (near the city of Herceg Novi) which lasted for three years (2002-2004) and hosted such artists like Dino Psaras, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Skazi, Void, GMS & Raja Ram. In 2011, the 4th edition of successful Sonica festival was held near Ada Bojana and besides local DJs from Pitch ‘n’ Destroy organisation, it hosted artists like Absolum, Etnica, X-Dream, Logic Bomb, Ace Ventura, Tristan etc. In last 2 years, 2 new psytrance organisations have become active (Fractal Flower & Sun Reactor) and have organised a couple of successful open air events. Some of them also hosted DJs and artists from Serbia, Albania, Greece and Macedonia. Although it’s still small, it seems that psytrance scene in Montenegro is growing slowly, but surely, and every year there are new generations of party people accepting the psychedelic sound.

If you enjoy beautiful nature (you can travel from beach to mountain in less then 2 hours), tasty national food and wine, cheep prices and occasional trance party, I recommend you visit Montenegro, it may surprise you.


Main Artist:

Shogan (Pitch ‘n’ Destroy, Sting Records)
Shogan on facebook

More artists:

wassa (Cymatics Media, Sting Records, S.O.B. Recordings)
wassa(Cymatika) on facebook


The most important Psytrance related label:

Sting Records (Serbia & Montenegro)


More parties:

Currently there are 3 psytrance organisations in Montenegro, and couple of DJs.

  • Pitch ‘n’ Destroy (progressive psy, full on, psy):
  • DJ BeeShogan (Sting Records)Fractal Flower (progressive psy, full on, psy, darkpsy) :
  • DJ BobDJ ZooDJ Lex OsirisDJ Skunk FuSun Reactor (dark psy, psy, techno):
  • DJ AnktiDJ ChandraMtechDJ Pseehaw / Pashton Kutcher (psychedelic/progressive trance)
  • DJ Leonida (progressive psy)

The preferred music style in your country:

house / techno

Party times:

Parties usually start around 10 PM / 11 PM.
Smaller clubs in the city usually have work permit until 1 AM.
Night clubs usually work until 3 AM / 4 AM.


Entry prices are between 2 – 5 euros. Very cheep drink prices.


Visit Montenegro

Funny Stuff:


We have very strong home made drink called ‘rakia’. Try it at your own risk 🙂

About the Author:


Pseehaw / Pashton Kutcher



Your Role

DJ / party organizer

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Pseehaw on facebook

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