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Creating a musical mirror of the current Psy Trance scene: Nothing less is the aim of the South German label BMSS, that hides behind the acronym. For this very purpose the first compilation, ‘A Concept In Psy’, is ready to be launched these days.

What is the story of BMSS, is it just another Trance label?
Boom Shankar: BMSS is not recently-founded. Furthermore, it is a project mainly active in the underground for a decade now. We organized festivals and parties in different countries of Europe. BMSS Records is just the next logical step in this kind of evolution. We want to support the vision and the artists we featured in the line-ups of our events, spreading the musical message as far as possible. We have the goal to make BMSS a mirror for the steadily evolving Psy Trance scene with all its colours. We are not only focussed on night time Trance, day time music has the same relevance. The only element which is important and thus necessary: The music has to be intelligent and psychedelic!

The name of your first compilation is pretty meaningful: ‘A Concept in Psy’.
What ideas did you have in mind while compiling this one?

Saltaux: We wanted to give our best for the Psy Trance scene with our favourite artists presented on our first release, which is out on 11th December. So the result is a wide-spread selection of artists like Slug, Kode Six, Shotu, Tsabeat and Zion Linguist.

What can we expect next from BMSS Records?
Boom Shankar: Expect a lot! We are already in the selection phase for our second compilation. This time it‘s gonna be compiled by ABS. Alexsoph and myself will gather some nice gems for night time and day time as well, resulting in a killer double disc which should be released in February. Our VJ Maex Steel worked hard as well during the past months, putting the videos from our Fantasia Festival into a fantastic journey of sound and vision. These videos and more tracks will be free to download from our homepage soon.

Win one of 20 copies of the new compilation ,,A Concept in Psy’ – Just have a look on the label website

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