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Since 2008 the Danish Cowan brothers, better known as Time in Motion, have played at all major festivals in Europe and Brasil. Without releasing one album…until now. Finally here it comes, out in spring on Iono Music!

Speaking about Iono Music: They are launching a Brazilian version of their website with music webshop, tour dates and more: Also, the German label announced albums from Mindwave and Protonica.

Everybody’s darling Klopfgeister is industriously working on his first album, to be released on SpinTwist. Just in time for the open air season, it will be in stores end of April. Among the tracks there are two collabs with Day.Din plus a Klopfgeister remix of the legendary Shiva Chandra track „Return to Atlantis’. The release will be presented during a tour in both Europe and Brazil.

With recent releases on Iboga, Iono and Echoes, Sphera is a must-hear for any Progressive Trance lover. Upcoming releases include a collab with Gaudium and a fat remix pack on the track they made with Rocky: „The Darkness’, remixed by Q.U.A.K.E. and Perfect Stranger.

NOK’s debut album „New Order’ will be out in April on Blue Tunes. As a teaser there will be a coop-EP with DJ Fabio called „Head Cheka’. The label also announced the „Groove Box EP’ by Osher and a new Symphonix release, the ‘Global Freaks EP’.

Swedish act Tegma is back, though it is only Jason now. Stay tuned for his upcoming EP „My House’ on Echoes records.

Ace Ventura’s second album ‘Paradise Engineering’ is ready to be released this spring on Iboga Trance, just in time for European festival season.

If you know any new awesome act or release coming up that definitely needs to be heard of, please write me at:

Time In Motion sind auch ohne Album weltbekannt. Bis jetzt. Das Debüt-Werk ist nämlich endlich fertig und kommt passend zum Sommer auf Iono Music *** Apropos Iono Music: Das Label hat gerade außerdem Alben von Mindwave und Protonica angekündigt *** Und auch der gute Herr Klopfgeister arbeitet fieberhaft am ersten Album, gesigned auf SpinTwist. Darauf auch Koops mit Day.Din und ein Remix für Shiva Chandra *** Mit erstklassigen Veröffentlichungen ist und bleibt der Act Sphere spannend für Progressive Trance Liebhaber *** Blue Tunes kündigt ein NOK-Album, eine dzugehörige Koop-EP mit Fabio sowie neue Sachen von Osher und Symphonix an *** Tegma ist zurück, wenn auch als Solo-Projekt. Das nächste Release ist auf Echoes angekündigt.

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