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Untitle1dA recent study, published in Biology Letters, discovered that certain dance moves make men appear more attractive to the fairer sex. Hot diggity do, but it’s true! This is how the parameters of the study were configured: All the male participants were professional dancing virgins. Their grooves were monitored by motion sensors, which translated the movements onto a screen viewed by the women participants, in the form of plain grey dancing avatars. This was done to nip ‘bias’ or favouritism based on physicality, i.e. ranking a man with two-left feet higher on the scale, owing to the woman being turned-on by the radiating heat of the man’s smouldering earthy sexuality.

Men who included a wider range of variable (the word is not to be confused with erratic) movements of their torso, neck and head, were given a better score by women, than men who danced as though restrained by invisible steel-strings.  This comes as good news for those men blessed with the bendy skills of ‘Mister Fantastic,’ you know those who like shaking what god gave them. However resist from flaying those arms out too much, women desire rubber-men not wind-mills.

UntitledWhat’s even more interesting is this next bit: “Male dancers were also considered good dancers if they displayed fast bending and twisting of the right knee.” The specific-ness (new word) of the preferred knee is both disturbing and perplexing. The mind floods with a range of questions on receiving such precise information, the most pressing of these being: “Is the right knee more attractive than the left?” And, “Have women been ‘pretending’ regarding their inability to differentiate between the right and the left?”

Study lead Nick Neave, from the School of Life Sciences at Northumbria University said, “In humans, dance is a set of intentional, rhythmic, culturally influenced, non-verbal body movements that are considered to be an important aspect of sexuality and courtship attraction… Dancing ability, particularly that of men, may serve as a signal of male mate quality in terms of physical strength, prenatal androgenization and symmetry, and thus affect women’s perceptions of men’s attractiveness.”

Phew, that was statement was a fine display of verbiage, but Thank You Nick, perhaps this breakthrough will help boost a hardworking man’s luck. So guys, to do this boogie-woogie in the next festival, don’t forget to tuck your left knee in, flick your right knee out, and never stop shakin’ it all about. Dirty minds. Nick knack paddy wack!

PS: Mute the video and watch it with music of choice.

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