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Some regard both experiences to be equal, others clearly prefer the one to the other. In the end, again it is a question of personal preferences and the respective situation. However: Sex as well as drugs deliver unique and extremely pleasant states of body and mind. And accordingly for some people the combination of both is interesting.

Concerning intoxicating substances, alcohol holds the longest tradition within the West. Representing a social lubricant, it can be found in really all classes of society and has an important influence on sexual life in this respect. The disinhibitory effect of its moderate consumption makes social approaches easier and improves the individual wit and eloquence to a remarkable degree. However, being well-filled up increases the probability of a crash, and I am talking about a sexual crash now of course. Actually quite a nice thing, if there wasn’t that particular danger of alcohol induced inhibition level reduction: Unprotected sex happens most often in this connection and we all know about the various dangers being accompanied by that. Also, certain social coordination problems after becoming sober again can become problematic and finally just one glass too much can result in what the Dead Kennedys honour in their popular song ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’

Similar in name but a completely different issue is Liquid Ecstasy. Chemically known as GHB, this substance unfortunately shows up in a particularly nasty matter with reagrd to sex and drugs again and again, keyword: K.O. drops. Abused by really sick oddballs, this narcotic is sometimes used to prepare rapes. So keep an eye on your drinks and also on others and intervene if you watch something strange!


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