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You will like Suntrip Records! This is the world’s biggest Psychedelic Trance label focusing on classic melodic Goa-Trance for the new millennium! We’re sure names as Filteria, Ra, E-Mantra, Afgin, Khetzal … do ring your bell!
When the Belgo-French duo Anoebis & Mars started Suntrip Records in 2004 their goal was no less than to bring back the melodic and acidic Goa-trance they fell in love with during the mid and late 90’s. Some artists producing these twisted psychedelic sounds joined the move and this resulted in the first Filteria album and the Apsara compilation in the mid 2000’s. Thanks to the great feedback, 18 more releases followed in the next 6 years!

In the meantime Filteria released 2 more mind blowing albums, and Khetzal, Ra, Afgin, Goasia and Radical Distortion provided us with what Suntrip is well known for: True storytelling Goa Trance albums with down- and uptempo spiritual, floating, Goa Trance melodies. Suntrip likes to gather famous melodic Goa Trance producers and new talents: 5 more compilations followed Apsara including Twist Dreams and Sundrops. The double compilation Opus Iridium celebrated our 10th release, featuring massive support from Ultimae on the 2nd ambient CD. 2010 started with a double compilation: Energy Waves praised Morning Trance melodies while Temple of Chaos explored more acidic soundscapes!

In 2011 Suntrip will focus on high quality Goa Trance more than ever: The Antares album (BE) is just out, Artifact 303 (RO) is on the launchpad, while E-Mantra is working on a second uptempo CD. Mindsphere might be also around the corner Suntrip will keep on brightening the dark winter days with musical sunshine and making the summer days even more joyful with warm music!

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