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Going for the more jaunty sub-genres of Psytrance, previous releases are showing FAM‘s fondness for fresh Dark, Forest and Hightech sounds.

  2011 startete DJ Tschan mit Thomas von Asarualim das Label Fractal Audio Machinery Records als Spin off von Binary Audio Machinery. Sie setzen vor allem auf die etwas flotteren Sub-Genres des Psytrance wie Dark/Forest/Hightech-Sound. Zusätzlich will FAM junge, frische Künstler auf den ersten Schritten im Musik-Business unterstützen. So erschienen bislang z.B. Alben von Blind Fury (Sucking Hallucinatory Acid), Constructor (Black & White) oder Voidscream (Chasing Ghosts). Alle Erscheinungen werden von Antagon aus Hamburg gemastered. Das Artwork stammt überwiegend von LucySky aus Düsseldorf, die wie DJ Tschan, Erbse&Impuls.E als Mitglied des Veranstalterteams Polyeidos aus NRW szenebekannt ist.
FAM RecordsIn 2011 DJ Tschan started the label Fractal Audio Machinery Records – FAM Records – with Thomas of Asarualim, a long time school buddy as a spin off of Binary Audio Machinery. In contrary to BAM Recs which primarily dug proggy sounds FAM focusses on the more jaunty sub-genres of Psytrance. At FAM they dig Dark, Forest, and Hightech sound, as previous releases show. Basically they aim at promoting young, fresh artists out of their international crowd of friends during their first steps into music business and help them to produce a first album. More often than not it is artists who have gained some attraction in Germany and Europe already.

For example, behind Constructor hide Voidscream and DJ Astronom; tracks by Blind Fury from Hamburg have regularly appeared in sets and charts of GoaGil which also happens to be a characteristic of the recently joined Argentinian boys Tyamat, who have also been working with Loose Connection.

So far, albums by Blind Fury (Sucking Hallucinatory Acid), Constructor (Black & White) or Voidscream (Chasing Ghosts) got released and every single one mastered by Antagon from Hamburg. Almost the entire artwork has been done by LucySky from Dusseldorf, who as DJ Tschan, Erbse&Impuls.E is a member of the popular organizer team Polyeidos from NorthRhine Westfalia (Germany) and have sported events like Traumfänger, Waldraum 2010, Nachtschatten, Area 25, Psychedelic Boom Bang and others.
Blind Fury‘s album was the first where FAM decided to produce an actual physical CD instead of just the web release which of course is the overall plan for the future, and to cover the costs by using a certain amount of stored sound carriers as a convenient means for an efficient promotion.

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