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Symphonix in the mushroom time machine

After more than 21 years of mushroom magazine we are now diving into the past with the new mushroom time machine. We will be sharing interesting articles which were published way back in time. Articles can include features with artists, cool interviews, and other fun stuff! For this episode of the mushroom time machine we have Symphonix. It’s an article from mushroom magazine edition October 2008.


About Symphonix

Music that still deserves to be called true Progressive Trance, featuring sea-deep atmospheres and heaps
of psychedelic stimulants but still being tidied up, laid back in terms of speed and kind of
“grown up” in its character. Grown up not without reason: The sound of Symphonix refers to
the producer’s large background in the Progressive Trance scene which reaches back to the
origin of this style in the late nineties. Starting with DJing under the moniker Montagu & Golkonda
and promoting their first Tshitraka parties back then, brothers Stephan und Sirko Wötanowski
rapidly became an essential ingredient of the young and blooming Progressive Trance scene.

Inspired by their numerous travels to the coloured dance floors of this planet they soon felt the
wish to express their deep passion for this music and its wonderful scene and people also in
the language of their own music. After making various nights of it in the studio and some
adventurous experiments in the sound laboratory in 2003 the first solid track with a forcing
bass line, exciting rhythm patterns and playful melodies grooved from the speakers:
Symphonix was born! Due to the mentioned long-year experience already the first tracks
distinguished them selves by a very high sophistication and professionalism and so it’s not
really a wonder that this live act got rapidly established as a reliable source for dance floor
euphoria and was invited to many parties and gathering around the globe.

While nowadays most of the classical Progressive Trance producers flirt with the ideas of
modern club music, Symphonix keep these experiments for their other project True Lies and
stay true to the original idea of this style. So their sound will send you to the deep spheres
of Trance and take you to these certain parallel dimensions that can be especially experienced
on the dance floor of a terrific festival while the sun is rising or during a warm, shiny day with
your friends at some outdoor event. Though very deep and mystic, their sound always keeps
a positive feeling that will produce a smile on your face by magic. Symphonix will keep up the
banner of Progressive Trance and remain a tried and tested name for lovers of this style!

Dive into the Symphonix sound


The complete mushroom magazine with Symphonix article inside

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