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“To be honest I think the action seems to be focused on the West Coast for now…”

First and foremost everyone has to know about the massive Symbiosis Eclipse festival this year that is taking place for the first time in Oregon. Recall that the event has moved around in an organic way including one year near Burning Man’s home next to Pyramid Lake, but mostly the fest has lived in Northern Cali. Notable highlights a really international infusion of official collaborators from many key international festivals organizer staff check their site for more info.

West Coast

Down south in Los Angeles/San Diego area Psy Tribe is truly blasting with their two big outdoor festivals Spring Frequency and Halloween Freakshow that both happen at the purely magical Indian Campground in La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya). Here you will be treated to massive international line ups and super talented locals with incredible sound (Function1) and décor that feels like a movie set. Other crews in LA include Pulsar, Pulse LA, and new crew Subterranean Dwellers doing both indoor and outdoor events. In San Francisco Geomagnetic/Spiral Trax have been doing amazing events at the DNA Lounge with 2-4 areas filled with top local headliners and tons of popular national folks including many from the greater electronic music scene, always artfully balanced to craft a diverse and eclectic all ages crowd with shows sometimes starting early 7pm and going late 7am. Pulse excels at incredible events and culminates this year with Howeird Street Faire and the Pulse Family Gathering outdoor festival. Party Babas have managed to keep growing the annual Goa Gil events as well. Star Camp Shasta also keeps the northern tribe dancing on the moutaintop! Red Marines 2017 goes on this year with many international and local talent across many spectrums of music. Many other electronic dance events have been embracing Psytrance as well and more DJs from the EDM genres keep getting turned on to addicting flavors of Psy.

Mid West / East Coast

In the Midwest and East Coast things are popping off as well! North Carolina (Touch Samhadi) Equinox (Fall) and Solstice (Summer) outdoor festivals and Missouri (Chilluminati) Sacred Earth and Earth Dance & Crystal Sky outdoor festivals keep things pumping. Colorado has event crews Rising Phoenix and 11:11 Productions turning on out dear mid-west folks. New York has Native Noise festival in September from Sprit Tribe, Fractal Fest outdoor festivals from Fractal Tribe. New crews keep popping up across the country. There are few USA Psytrance facebook groups that all the promoters do a good job of reaching out to. Also important to note are key visionary psychedelic graphics artists like Alex & Alyson Grey, Android Jones, Justin Totemical, Samuel Farrand and more always doing some significantly amazing work. Deco master Ivy Orth from Luno Sol has also been living in USA lately. Still we have to note that Dreamstate doing shows in LA, San Fran and Las Vegas (as a stage at EDC) is doing important things to legitimize the “Psytrance” scene to the masses of Electronic Dance Music fans both here and abroad. The world is seeing that USA is finally waking up to Psy. Its about time! =)
Dr. Spook

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