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Electronic Carneval - Copenhagen

Electronic Carneval – Copenhagen

In the last two years a lot has happened in the Danish Trance scene, from having only a few organisers to having more than you could follow up on; from being on the Isra-Fullon wave to following up on the massive Offbeat arm raising vibes. With that said, Denmark loves Progressive Offbeat. It is surely the most wanted style. But, of course, Denmark is open for anything from Progressive to Techno, Fullon, Psytrance, Darkpsy & Forrest. It all depends on where you are in the country.

Our best & biggest known parties are Tam Tam, Area 55, Psy Olympics, Global Freaks, Scientific Sequence, Psysociety, Luxudelic, Rowdy & Magical PsyTrance.

The most important
label is clearly Iboga Records with Progressive, House and Techno. And Parvati Records is one of the biggest labels in the world when it comes to Darkpsy & Forrest. The most important producers and djs are Emok (Phony Orphants), Flowjob, Banel (Behind Blue Eyes), Phaxe, Vice, Morten Granau, Time In Motion, Jahbo, Onkel Dunkel, Pr0fane (Multiphase), Tenka, Joel, Momtaz, Mr. Vikkelsø & Trausel. There are not that many deco teams but the best known and biggest is Bohemian Grove & Ambient Technology.
The parties usually start at 22:00/23:00 and close at 06:00. That goes for the whole country. I have not seen many events that last longer, unless it‘s underground parties, of which there are a lot. The average entry fee for a small party is 20 EUR, for a medium party 30 EUR or 40 EUR, for a big party up to 60 EUR. The average price for a beer and a water at a party are 4/6 EUR and 3/4 EUR respectively.

Area 55 - Copenhagen

Area 55 – Copenhagen

In Denmark the police has always controlled parties, sometimes more, sometimes less. When the media is shedding more light on the scene, they come more often. Occasionally parties have been shut down by them, to make an example, it seems to me. But usually they just come for general checking. Regarding drug screening and traffic controls after parties, I have never been tested, or stopped in a car going in or leaving, at any event.  Neither have I even heard about a anyone who has been tested by the police after an event. Though I have read in the media and heard from friends as well, that they use sweat-sticks in mainstream clubs sometimes.

If you go to Denmark, go to Christiania. Not just for the feeling of being free and smoking a joint in the open. But to see a totally different way of life in the middle of the city. They have everything from their own kindergarden, bike store, tattoo artists, clothing shops to their own bars and cafés. A nice day could be spent in Café Nemoland, with a free open air concert every Sunday during the summer. So if you like to sit in the sun, relax while playing backgammon, and seeing something you won‘t any place else in the world, CHRISTIANIA is a must.
There is a lot going on in Denmark in 2013. Look out for upcoming artists, albums, eps & djs going strong and playing hard. Bomb after bomb line ups. Like Iboga´s label party in May, and Area 55 with at least four events planned so far.


Dean Vigus, Amplidudes Records.
Amplidudes Records on facebook




Did you know that Denmark is a small country with only 5,5 million people, but 12,7 million pigs? We are known to make the best bacon in the world. Pork is one of the biggest exports from denmark, together with Lego and windmills for green energy.
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