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“What is life?” This is an eternal question that has riddled our consciousness ever since humanity as a species realized that there was a marked distinction between the self and the other. The ability to observe this ‘boundary,’ i.e. to know that this is my “I” and this “I” is an independent unit from the collective, is an extraordinary skill…the very hallmarks of self-awareness that sets humans apart from other animals. Other species do exhibit this trait, however, to degrees lower in intensity than what we possess, or at least until proven otherwise.

That being said, the following video pushes an idea, which is very thought-provoking.  “If you awaken from this illusion,” these first words emitted by soft voice of the narrator, hooks you immediately. He paints a scenario wherein you are given total control of creating life exactly how you wanted it to be, he then goes on to use this theme to push his central idea: We have chosen to be exactly where we are right now. He says, “Everybody is fundamentally the Ultimate reality” and “you’re all that, only you’re pretending you are not.”

His idea, is not without flaws, for easy instance; what if my idea of pleasure seeks to harm others… unless of course, each individual get’s their ‘own’ reality to play out their dreams. And so on and on. A must watch for the thinkers:

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