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The perfect backdrop for mind-blowing festivals

Much to the delight of thousands of loyal punters who attend events all around the country, Australia’s great outdoors provide the perfect backdrop for mind-blowing festivals set to booming beats encompassing all genres. Since its inception, Australia’s strong and united scene has continued to grow, evolving to be a key player on the global musical map and a must for all dance floor devotees. Celebrations of culture and music fill the calendar with wondrous worlds and amazing adventure. Whilst the number of events increase exponentially over the warmer months, the strength of the community spirit and the year-round enticing weather is such that events pop up all over the country at all times of the year. If you’re thinking about making the trip you’ll have no shortage of options from September all the way through till May/June.

To start our journey down under we head to the south-eastern edge of Australia to the state of Victoria which is home to some of the largest and most widely respected festivals on the doof circuit. Pioneering event earthcore, in its twenty-second year, has hosted the biggest names in music across a wide array of sounds whilst delivering fully immersive experiences that rival any festival on the circuit. Held in the last weekend of November, the earthcore crew gather a loyal following in the Aussie bush annually with travellers from near and far taking the trip.

In November, January and March respectively, Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent Festival & Maitreya command global attention with their stacked line-ups, art installations, lifestyle experiences and dedicated following of like-minded souls. Add to this at least a dozen crews putting on smaller festivals throughout the year (almost one every weekend) and it’s clear that the scene is thriving. The musical talent is world-class, young crews are making their mark and the creativity is spawning amazing results.

Heading further south to the picturesque island of Tasmania, the small but loyal scene regularly attracts touring internationals to play alongside the talented locals at events like Fractangular Gathering. The reputation for quality entices travellers from the mainland and further afield to experience the little bit of magic that the vibrant gigs present. Back on the mainland, South Australia has a long history of musical mischief-makers, devoted party-goers and a solid list of events year-round. Make sure crews like Astral Lotus and Psy-ence Fiction are on your to-do list.

Western Australia’s electronic music pedigree is strong with an array of opportunities to head into the great outdoors to be bathed in aural inspiration provided by Kinetic Dreaming, Red Sand, Back-2-Bassics and many more. Somewhat due to geographical isolation, the tight-knit scene has survived and thrived with a unique outlook and determined drive. Although small, the Northern Territory community of party folk stays true to their love of the festival lifestyle and meet regularly to share their passion.

New South Wales and ACT, who are on the eastern coast, have carved out a reputation as a party hot-spot, serving the punters’ every need with a mind-blowing menu of dance floor treats. It seems the party never stops with renowned outdoor experiences from crews like Dragon Dreaming, Psyfari, Regrowth, Subsonic, Trip Kicks, Rabbits Eat Lettuce and so many others, pushing the boundaries, challenging the norm, inciting widespread debauchery and delight.

Queensland, one of Australia’s largest states and as a result has a huge outdoor scene. A major contributor is the amazing array of exquisite outdoor locations with year-round sublime weather to match. From tropical rainforest to beach, from country to outback, the evens roll on all year with the largest being Earth Frequency Festival. Others include Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Zero DB Festival, Bushweek, Manifest and a whole lot more who draw in the big guns of the psychedelic realm. The beautiful backdrops for blissful journeys and fun times with friends don’t get much better than this.

To name all of the amazing crews down under would take all day, but the underlying message is that the Australian scene is host to world-class electronic music experiences set in some of the most perfect locations for partying on earth. The scene consistently welcomes travellers from all corners of the globe so grab your thongs, esky, sunscreen, outrageous outfits and good vibes because Australia should be high on your festival travel bucket list!

Text: Simon Murphy & Billzy

Events & Crews by state:


earthcore, Tribeadelic, Maitreya, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Strawberry Fields, Lost The Plot, Fool Proof, Yemaya, Burning Seed (Burning Man offshoot)

New South Wales & ACT

Dragon Dreaming Festival, Psyfari Festival, Regrowth, Lucid Labyrinth, New Psycle (NYE), Subsonic, Spring Equinox, Solar, Trip Kicks


Happy Daze Festival, Cycle, Bushweek Festival, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Manifest, Collaborations Festival, ZeroDB Festival, Mushroom Valley Festival, Attack Decay Sustain Release, WittikaNet, Alchemy, Open Records

South Australia

Astral Lotus, Psy-Ence Fiction

Western Australia

Kinetic Dreaming, Red Sand, Back-2-Bassics, Blazing Swan, Pura Vida


Fractangular Gathering

Spezial Thanks:

Mattiece (WA), Triforce (NSW), James Corbett (SA), Player One (QLD) and Fatphilter (QLD)

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