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The Danish scene has developed a lot the last couple of years. Denmark has always had a big amount of producers and within the last years, the amount of new trance producers has exploded. This has also resulted in new labels like MindDesign Records and 432 Records founded by Phaxe, Morten Granau, Vice and Dj Joel. Progressive is the dominating music style, but the last year dark psy and hi-tech has started to move fast, but it is still very underground.

The party scene is huge compared to the size of the country and new organizers pops up on a regular basis. Lately there has been a big change of the crews organizing the events, which has given the scene a needed fresh blow of air. The parties are mainly concentrated around Copenhagen. At psy trance parties you will find people from all layers of society. The party scene is not dominated by the typical hippie type, but a mixture of all kinds of people, which makes the scene quite colorful. The type of people at the parties varies a lot depending on which organizer is doing the party. Some parties has dress code restrictions, typical regarding heavy tattoos.

It is a well known fact that some festivals has been “invaded” by large amount of danish people, due to the lack of trance festivals in Denmark because government restrictions and heavy prejudices towards psychedelic music. Especially the “fitness guys” with their big muscles and lightly dressed blondes with silicone breasts stands on the dance floor. Some people dislike this, but some people also see it as a beautiful thing, that our music brings people from different cultures together, which opens up an opportunity to learn from each other. In the end of the day, we are all made of the same flesh and blood and we are all here to dance and have fun, no matter how you look. And this describes the danish party scene very well.


Main Artist:

Phaxe on facebook

More artists:

Morten Granau, Vice, O.T.B, Flowjob, DJ EMok, DJ Joel


The most important Psytrance related label:

Iboga Records

More labels

432 Records, Dynamite Music, MindDsign Records,
Triptonite Records


The most important Party/Festival:


More parties:

Area 55, Playground, Psy Olympics, Tuben, Crunch

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

Bohemian Groove
Bohemian Groove on facebook

More deco artists:

Ambient Technology, Trancers Paradise, Twisted Universe

The preferred music style in your country:


Party times:


Afterparty culture.

Normally afterhours is made in private appartments with friends or people you meet at the club.


10,00-50,00 euro

Drug screening:

Drug tests occur only when driving a car. Especially in the area around Christiania.
Undercover police are often present at psy trance parties.

Points of interest:

The best place to go is the Free City of Christinia. Its a independent city inside Copenhagen founded by hippies in the 70’s. Police and other public authorities do not patrol, however its is a very safe place to go. In the very beginning of Christiania you find market with various clothing and typical head shop products. Near this market is the Pusherstreet where weed and hash is sold openly. All other drugs than weed and hash is banned at Christiania and you will get a lot of trouble if you posses it!
It rarely happens the police raids Pusherstreet, but police controls often occur on the streets around Christiania and at the nearest metro station.

Christiania has now started to pay normal tax like everybody else, but they have there own laws, their own currency and their own social system etc.
Christiania claims not to be a part of the EU. Christiania is a car free city. It is locatated on Christians Havn, about 1 km from the city center. Another good thing to visit is the Roskilde Festival, the biggest rock festival in Nothern Europe (first week of july).

Best places for activities:

Christiania is by far the best sight in Denmark. Copenhagen is also home of the two oldest amusement parks in the world. The oldest one “Bakken” was founded in 1583 and is situated in Klampenborg about 10 km north of Copenhagen. The most famous one is called “Tivoli”. Tivoli was founded in 1843 and is situated in the heart of Copenhagen, just across the street from the Central Station. If you visit Copenhagen its advisable to take a canal tour with on of the sightseeing boats. It costs around 7 euros and it is a very nice way to see the city. Another nice way to see the city is to rent a bike or use one of the free “city bikes”.

Best places to stay:

  • Generator Hostel, Adelgade 5-7, 1304 Copenhagen K
  • Hotel Cabinn City (budget hotel), Mitchellsgade 14, 1568 Copenhagen
  • First Hotel Mayfair, Helgolandsgade 3, 1653 Copenhagen

Best places to eat:

  • Organic vegan restaurant in Christiania: Morgenstedet, Fabriksområdet 134, 1404 Copenhagen (
  • Best place for traditional danish food: Madklubben, Admiralgade 25
    1066 Copenhagen. (
  • Michellin Restaurant, one of the best restaurants on the world with a Scandinavian fusion kitchen (table reservation must be made months in advance): Noma, Strandgade 93, 1401 Copenhagen (


Website 1.
Official tourist website of Copenhagen.

Website 2.
Official tourist website of Denmark.

Website 3.
Website about things to do in Copenhagen.

Funny Stuff:


At the party scene in Denmark most people refer to trance music as “techno”.
Actually in the public space, more or less all eletronic music above 128 bpm is refered to as techno.

About the Author:


Joel Rowdy



About You:

I am a label dj on Spin Twist Records and TesseracTstudio. It is 2 very different type of labels, which describes my playing style very well. I like to play a little of everything, as i find it more entertaining for the listener not to plat the same style during the whole set. In my daily life i run the booking and management agency Iris Music and organize events.
I organize around 80-100 events a year, mainly trance events but also some underground events with tech house, deep house and techno.

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Phaxe, Morten Granau, Royal Flush, Zyce

Your Role

DJ, event organizer and music manager.


Your Facebook Page:

Joel Rowdy on facebook
Joel Rowdy on mixcloud

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