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The Mother City is often described as the “African capital of Psytrance.”

South Africa, Cape Town

south africa trancers guide 2016Locals and travelers flock to Cape Town to experience the unique Psytrance culture which brews in our back garden. With countless outdoors festivals hosted during the months of summer and a stream of indoor events happening throughout the year, there is no shortage of psychedelica to appease the hearts, minds and souls of Trance enthusiasts from far and near. All the international DJs and producers who visit South Africa agree that what we have got going on here is very special and unlike any other scene in the world. While all Trance destinations share similar attributes, like common beliefs and similar styles of music, the energy (or “gees”) that our crowds emit is unforgettable.
south africa trancers guide 2016South Africans are diehard psychedelic warriors. We’re prepared to weather the weather through rain and sunshine. In winter, Vortex throws a very special kind of gathering called the “Phoenix Festival of Fire”. It’s amazing to be on the dance floor at one of our outdoor festivals. You can literally feel the frequencies rising as the whole floor moves as one entity. It’s such a high.
We have incredibly talented people who come to perform live art such as the Psychedelic Theatre and the Flow Arts team with its fire poi and hula hooping. The décor also plays a huge role in creating a real Goa-inspired experience. We prefer to utilise a local team or individual to make the magic happen. This year, the décor for Open Source was created by an extremely gifted individual, Callum Adamstein of Atmosphere Art.

South Africa Hot Spots:

south africa trancers guide 2016We are spoiled for choice when it comes to getting our fix of Psytrance in Cape Town. There is an abundance of psychedelic destinations to choose from with weekly events taking place in both the city bowl and the surrounding suburbs, such as Spectrum (Wednesday nights) and Reboot (Friday nights) at Bazinga in Long Street. There are also monthly indoor/outdoor parties like the Valley of Psy for example, which caters to trance lovers living in the Southern Peninsula where there is a very strong Trance influence (many of our most prominent DJs hail from the “dirty south”). Somerset West and Stellenbosch also have their own Psyscene with events such as Pulse at the Nameless Pub happening quite frequently.

south africa trancers guide 2016


The amount of local talent there is in South Africa is overwhelming. It’s not uncommon to see a world-renowned DJ perform on an ordinary Wednesday night in Cape Town for less than R100 at the door while the very same artist will get booked for international events at some of the world’s biggest festivals. Whether you go out on the weekend or during the week, chances are you won’t be disappointed in who is performing. In terms of international acts, you can expect to see a foreign headliner on almost every outdoor festival’s lineup (and the occasional indoor event too).


south africa trancers guide 2016

  • DO get down with nature on a beautiful beach, hiking trail or outdoor activity. The attractions in Cape Town don’t stop at Psytrance.
  • DO check out our bars and restaurants – they can easily rival some of the best in the world. Just pay a visit to Bree Street if you don’t believe me
  • DO immerse yourself in our art, music and culture at one of the many craft markets, year-round art exhibitions, design expos, live music gigs or theatres
  • DO pay a trip to some popular tourist spots including Green Market Square in the CBD, the V&A Waterfront, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Hout Bay market and Table Mountain
  • DO enjoy sundowners from a look-out point on Chapman’s Peak or on route to Cape Point.


  • DON’T be in a rush, or expect things to move swiftly. Things in Cape Town tend to happen at a slower and more relaxed pace. Maybe that’s why we’re all so mellow. 😉
  • DON’T forget your sunscreen, when you leave the house. We get plenty of sun during the summer months; it’s important to protect yourself from sunburn and dehydration. (drink lots of water!)
  • DON’T feed the baboons, if you happen to encounter any of these wonderful creatures in mountainous areas.
  • DON’T litter. This includes throwing stompies out the window which poses as a serious fire hazard.
  • DON’T forget to smile. Smiles are the same in every single language and the best way to meet interesting new people and new friends.

south africa trancers guide 2016


For all your South African travel info, including tickets, transportation, airport and inter-city transfers, accommodation, car hire, currency exchange, Table Mountain tours, safari packages and much more, contact:
For all things Psytrance-­related, from ticket giveaways to event info to party reviews and exclusive interviews, visit Psyked in the City on and follow them on facebook here.

South Africa Text: Grant Dreyer with assistance Batia Efrat
This article appeared first in our printed edition.

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