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South Africa

Freie Musik aus Südafrika!

Inspiriert von Kapstadts aufkeimender Psytrance Szene, entstand im Jahr 2000 Nano Records als internationale Stimme für südafrikanische Produzenten.

Vortex Festival: Open Source – Trance Abenteuer

üdafrikanischer Psytrance ist eine Lebensart, eine Lebensart, die uns die Schönheit der Welt und unsere Beziehung zu ihr lehrt.


Trance Parties Kapstadt: Südafrika 2016

Trance Parties in Kapstadt: Die Stadt hat eine einzigartige Psykultur.


South Africa: Capital of Psytrance

The Mother City is often described as the “African capital of Psytrance.” South Africa, Cape Town Locals and travelers flock to Cape Town to experience the unique Psytrance culture which brews in our back garden. With countless outdoors festivals hosted […]

South Africa: Sun, beaches, forests, & Psychedelic Trance


south africa trancers guide 2016

Join us on Psy-Safari Psychedelic Trance in South Africa

With its warm weather and vast beautiful landscapes, South africa is an outdoor paradise with deep roots in psy culture that extend back to the early 90s. Born out of the new spirit of freedom and democracy that prevailed after […]

Adventure to South A’Freaka… psychedelic trance scene of south africa

The African drum beat journeyed to Goa returning with a tweak of psychedelia in the early 90’s and since has boomed phenomenally, with open-air events filling every weekend of our extended silly-season (Sept-May), continuing through winter with the odd outdoor […]


Booming Psychedelic Trance Culture in SOUTH AFRICA

Booming Psychedelic Culture in SOUTH AFRICA

Psytrance scene in South Africa

Psytrance was first heard in SA in the early 90’s & grown phenomenally, with more than 40 outdoor events during the extended summer from September to May. During winter the action never stops either with 5–10 indoor events ­happening weekly.

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