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Switzerland has the variety and the extremes, there is always some action. In the german part a lot of organisers are focused 2013/14 on off beat and progressive parties or to the other extreme of the sound scale hitech / psycore.

Many established crews in the bigger cities moved to organise technoid, progressive parties.
In the french and italian part twilight psytrance, darkpsy and forest music are still going strong in the underground.
Now with summertime approaching, you will find outdoor events every w-end, when you plan to visit our beautiful mountain country this summer, check these festivals:

Accoustica Open Air Festival
Burning Mountain Festival
Reisefieber 10
V.I.R.U.S. Visionen Im Raum Userer Sonne Festival

The biggest Swiss festival “Summer Never Ends” takes a break 2014 and will return next year.


Main Artist:

Hyperactive 25

More artists:

not complete and in no particular order:
Ajja, Tezla, Twice, Simply D, Midimal, Digitalist, Drumatik,
Yaminahua, Subconsciousmind, Sectio Aurea, Gaspard, Unique Repeat,
Electrypnose, Psyberpunk, Karash, Braincell, Boom Nasha, Biotec, Pow-Low


The most important Psytrance related label:

Fractal Records

More labels

not complete and in no particular order:
Peak Records, Freak Records, Moonloop records,
Underground Sound Promotions, 2to6 Records


The most important Party/Festival:

Summer Never Ends

More parties:

not complete and in no particular order:
Explosivenature Productions, Vibrative Sounds, Lost in Reality, Green Spirit, Hertz,
Aphonix Rec. , Goafamily, Verteilt, Psytravel, Tabula Rasa, AEON Music, Color Of Sun, Crash Kid Company,
Höngger Clan, Nightbase Music, Painthouse Records, Sirco Furioso, We are Psychedelic, Goa Project,
Happy People, Your Universe, Mystic Noize, Ostschwiizer Schübel Fraktion

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

Biolife on facebook

More deco artists:

not complete and in no particular order:
Nils, Extreme Inflatables, Waldwichtel, Mountain Beat Culture,
Mag-Design, Psy Wizzard, Trudis Tribe


swiss partyboard

About the Author:


Dr. Magnus



About You:

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Magnus is the european label representative for Australian based label Digital Psionics and of course a label DJ for Trick Music.
World traveller, artist agent, DJ/producer and event manager, he has made DJ appearances at festivals and parties throughout Europe including Summer Never Ends, Somuna, Forgotten Ritual and many more. He draws his inspiration from the deep Amazonian Jungle, the beauty of his home in the Swiss mountains and his travels throughout the world. His art and music exposes you to an unbiased and natural visual and sonic experience, to a world without dogmas and cultural borders.

Your favorite Psytrance music ?


Your Role

Promoter / DJ @ Digital Psionics (AUS), Trick Music (UK)


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Verteilt Events on facebook

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