Switzerland has the variety and the extremes, there is always some action. In the german part a lot of organisers are focused 2013/14 on off beat and progressive parties or to the other extreme of the sound scale hitech / psycore.

Many established crews in the bigger cities moved to organise technoid, progressive parties.

In the french and italian part twilight psytrance, darkpsy and forest music are still going strong in the underground.

Now with summertime approaching, you will find outdoor events every w-end, when you plan to visit our beautiful mountain country this summer, check these festivals:

Accoustica Open Air Festival
Burning Mountain Festival
Reisefieber 10
V.I.R.U.S. Visionen Im Raum Userer Sonne Festival

The biggest Swiss festival “Summer Never Ends” takes a break 2014 and will return next year.

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