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This is another questionaire response from mushroom magazines 25 years of Psytrance survey.

In this segment PsyTrance people tell us about their experiences
during 25 years of Psytrance

Hi, this is McCOY, original drummer of “S.U.N. PROJECT” and “McCOY´s S.U.N. PROJECT”.
I want to say THANK YOU to Mat Mushroom and the MUSHROOM Magazine for the last 25 years.
All the time you were with me, guided me and I always enjoyed your presence and interviews.
I also want to say THANK YOU to my friends and fans around the world. YOU made it possible, that I could play my music around the globe and always gave me a great and funny time.

What was your favourite festival of the last 25 years – and why?
My favorite festival was the ECLIPSE-festival in Ozora 1999. We played in front of 30.000 people and the vibes was more than amazing. Good old times!

Which artist was for you the most important Psytrance Act of the last 25 years – and why?
I adore X-DREAM. When we started the S.U.N. PROJECT in 1996 their music was my guide.
In the beginning I wanted to sound like them. Eventually we became famous with our guitar-stuff.
But they were my biggest influence at that time.

Share your most intense Psytrance experience ever
There were too many. I can´t tell what was the most intense one.

Did you have a special experience with mushroom magazine that you would like to share with us?
When I got my first MUSHROOM Magazine in 1993 it offered me all the information to all partys around.
You have to know: At this time it was hard to get those special informations, because the internet was not like it is today.
So everyone was always happy to get one of those MUSHROOMs and we shared it in our community.

Share your favourite photo(s) of the last 25 years

This is McCOY´s S.U.N. PROJECT these days. I like this dirty – alien – rock`n`roll-stuff !

Tell us about your current project
McCOY is the drummer and founder of the “original” S.U.N. PROJECT (1996-2011).
It was one of the most well known psy-trance-acts from Germany and they were the pioneers of guitar-trance worldwide.
Until McCOY left that band in 2011 they released 13 albums at McCOY´s record-label “S.U.N. PROJECT Records” and played hundreds of spectacular live-shows with electronic-drums and heavy-guitars all over the world.

2011 McCOY left the original band and created “McCOY´s S.U.N. PROJECT”.
Until today McCOY plays his glamorous LIVE-shows with LIVE-drums and LIVE-guitars.
Watch out and don´t miss their FULLON-LIVE-ROCK-FIRE-ALIEN-SHOW !!


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I want to say THANK YOU to Mat Mushroom and the MUSHROOM Magazine for the last 25 years. All the time you were with me, guided me and I always enjoyed your presence and interviews.

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Wie heißt die neue seite oder gibt es einen link :)

Gibt es eine neue Seite?




Hallo zusammen!

Ich, Gregor Schubert / SLAG möchte hier nochmals klarstellen, dass ich seit November 2018 kein Mitglied dieser Band mehr bin. An anderer Stelle im Netz wurde bis vor kurzem behauptet, dass ich immer noch Konzerte mit dieser Band spiele. Neuerdings wird an der selben Stelle im Netz nun behauptet, dass ich niemals ein Mitglied dieser Band war. Ich möchte ebenso klarstellen, dass ich mit der Person, die diese Dinge in seiner Biografie behauptet, nichts zu tun habe. Die Band in der Originalbesetzung gibt es nicht mehr. Es wird entsprechend keine Konzerte mehr in dieser Besetzung geben. Danke an alle Freunde und Fans für Eure Unterstützung! Es war eine wirklich tolle Zeit für mich, die es ohne Euch nicht gewesen wäre und nicht gegeben hätte! Danke vielmals !!! Nächste Runde bitte! Prost, Gregor Schubert / SLAG

Hey everybody,

I, Gregor Schubert / SLAG would like to clarify once again that I have not been a member of this band since November 2018. Elsewhere on the net, it has been claimed until recently that I still play concerts with this band. Recently in the same place in the net it is now claimed that I was never a member of this band. I also want to make it clear that I have nothing to do with the person who claims these things in his biography. The band in the original lineup does not exist anymore. There will be no more concerts in this lineup. Thank you for your support! It was a really great time for me, it would not have been without you and would not have given! Many many thanks !!! Next round please! Cheers, Gregor Schubert / SLAG
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War geil damals in Goa, full ppwer, höre immer noch gern diese alten Stücke

Kein Akt hab ich auf den Festivals öfter gesehen, als euren. Waren schöne Jahre und eindrucksvolle und impulsive Auftritte. Alles Gute für die Zukunft.

Wie jetzt, 1 Jahr schon raus? Junge wie die Zeit rennt.. Alles Gute, Gregor!

schade, war echt eine Hammer Zusammensetzung. bin mal gespannt wie es dann am 1.2 live aussieht. Alles Gute dir.

Sehr sehr Schade. Ward ne dolle Kombination... All the best my friend

Alles Gute...

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