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This is another questionaire response from mushroom magazines 25 years of Psytrance survey.

PsyTrance people tell us about their experiences during 25 years of Psytrance

When I was 31 years of age, I was living in a house I squatted with some friends along the Spaarne river in Haarlem, Holland because for no just reason I had been evicted from the house I rented.I had at that time been making use of the Sacred Geometry based on the 5 Platonic solids for 7 years (see here), which I used to quickly build large structures from bamboo of triangles joined together with rubber bands with triangular projection screens inside them, for free events I organised with my organisation arti parti – Multi Medial Happy Happenings, which consisted of harmonic symphonies of all art forms joined with their spectators turned into participants, but however efficient I also felt limited in my expression by this Sacred Geometry with its always technical looking straight lines and sharp corners, which was nice sometimes, but I also craved for more flowing organic shapes to expand my artistic vocabulary, so I had been searching for other manners that could be equally or even more efficient for quickly building large stable structures using a minimal amount of material, but whatever I tried I kept ending up with structures based on that geometry.

Then one night I was invited to join the organisation of Earth Dance for their event at a squatted location in Amsterdam, which was a global party that was simultaneously taking place in hundreds of locations around the globe that were all connected through live video and at a certain moment all locations played one special song of a Tibetan mantra mixed with dance music, which I was eager to join for many reasons, one big reason was that it offered me the opportunity to manifest a vision I had for my first event that I was organising in 1997, which unfortunately never happened as planned because a maffia party organiser paid off the municipal of Amsterdam to obstruct my very first and very big event involving hundreds of non-professional freshly graduated artists of all possible disciplines, that he felt threatened by as I had chosen a circular location, consisting of a large gas container which was no longer in use that was now rented out for events, which he also often rented for his events (while copying my concept and name “arti parti” for a badly executed flopped event he organised there), one of the things envisioned for that event was what was then still a very novel and expensive technology called ‘live video conferencing’, which was then still mainly used by large multinational companies, that I wanted to apply at that event to connect different events together so people on different locations could see each other and dance together, so when I was invited 7 years later on Earth Dance I thought this could be a perfect opportunity to finally do that, as by that time the internet had developed much further to enable the manifestation of my art project I called Glow Ball, which constituted in a large geodesic sphere made out of triangles that join together into pentagons and hexagons, also known as a Bucky Ball, where every triangle could show a different location that all ideally would have their cameras pointing down at the dance floor and even more ideally every location should have a similar Glow Ball, but unfortunately again I still couldn’t fully manifest my vision that time, because however the technicians tried, they couldn’t make our internet connection work on our location, so then after having only half of that sphere finished I thought it wasn’t worth finishing it if it couldn’t be done as intended, so I hung half a sphere in a corner, shone some fluid selfmade slide projections on it, took a large dose of LSD (400 micro grams on a blotter paper with a red heart on it) and joined the party…

Then while I heard the time had come for the globally synchronized dance to the Tibetan mantra and my large dose of entheogens was just starting to kick in a good friend and artist I had also invited there came to sit with me and gave me a little ball of good quality hash that he had just been given in exchange for artworks he made for someone there, which made me think about how that ball had been given to me out of 1ove, after someone else gave it to him out of 1ove, and about who collected this ‘charras’ by 1ovingly caressing the cannabis plants, and how much 1ove went into growing and caring for those plants, and then I started thinking about how every one and every thing is connected by 1ove as I was rolling that ball between my fingers, and that even in cases when you wouldn’t expect it people do things out of 1ove for each other, I remember I thought of the example of how one neighbour is doing some job he hates just to earn more money, for his family or even to buy a car just a little bigger than his neighbour’s car, still out of 1ove for his neighbour, and as the acid was kicking in I was rolling that ball between my fingers and feeling deep gratitude and 1ove for all, but I was kind of destroying it by doing that, so my friend who understood in what kind of state I was in from his own experience, said why don’t you put it in your pocket before it all crumbles and is lost, as its very good quality, so I took his advice, while my trip was getting deeper now, and I could now actually see the 1ove flowing between every one and every thing, and as I looked at this I realised it was attention that was this 1ove, and that I could also visualise my own attention in this manner, and manipulate its course, so I played around with this and moved it to people who directly felt this, and then moving it around through space, and then I thought to look at my hand (which had offered me great insights on an other occasion a week before), and then I could see it move between my fingers, so then I tried to make it move in a circle first, in which I succeeded, and THEN I thought of my gyroscopic Power Ball, and added loops along the course of that hoop, which made that 1ove spin extremely fast as my 2D hoop turned into a 3D sphere, which became solid, I couldn’t squeeze it, and I realised I was experiencing how ethereal 1ove is turned into matter by attention or observation, as the course of the electron around its nucleus must also be spinning in this geometry after observation turns nonlocal wave fields into particles with a determinable location in our spacetime continuum.

So that experience of literally ‘tripping balls’ was a major turning point in my understanding of a new aspect of Sacred Geometry that I learned more and ever more about and from since then, which is more efficient because it has a more harmonic distribution of integral tension (flow of power) than the straightlined Sacred Geometry of the 5 Platonic solids, so it more closely approaches the perfect but immaterial distribution of tension of the perfect sphere, while it has infinite possibilities by gyroscopically spinning in different frequency patterns, one of which I later realised is the well known Flower Of Life, which I redubbed Power Flower 6:0=6xO, after I later learned how I could define every one of its infinite geometrical patterns by using a certain mathematical formula.
I learned all about the Flower Of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek through his two books The Sacred Geometry of Creation, which led to a Merkaba meditation that was completely successful the first time I read and directly tried it, which happened in 2002, two years before I discovered the Power Flower Geometry.
The ancient pattern of the Flower Of Life he reintroduced to Sacred Geometry thereby formed not only my stepping stone between the Platonic solids based Sacred Geometry and the infinite cyclic patterns of the Power Flower Geometry, but can also serve everyone else to make the shift to the all-inclusive Power Flower Geometry that the Flower Of Life is just one example of, because the Flower Of Life is a very special example of it, that within its two dimensional hexagonal pattern of overlapping circles beholds the straightlined Cube of Metatron, which again beholds the two dimensional representations of the three dimensional straightlined approaches to the perfect sphere of the 5 Platonic solids (see here)
Drunvalo Melchizedek must already have known about the Power Flower Geometry also, because he said that the Flower Of Life was part of a much greater generally unknown Sacred Geometry of Creation that for the time being was too complicated to explain, and that other messengers will do this when the time is ripe, so….is it?
I have tried what I could to explain this newly rediscovered ancient aspect of Sacred Geometry in every manner I could imagine, but very few people understand much of what I’ve tried to explain so far, like firstly: WHAT IS SACRED GEOMETRY?????

In one word: THE MATRIX, my slightly longer definition is this:
Sacred Geometry forms the ethereal, for most people subconscious, structure of all perceptions, understandings and manifestations, that are Universally approximated, but never fully expressed in matter, so Sacred Geometry is actually the geometrical version of the conceptual Logos by the ancient Greeks, which has been wrongly translated into the Bible as the Word of God for lack of a better word for this concept in the English language, so this has nothing to do with some white bearded guy on a cloud creating the Universe by His authoritively roaring sonic utterance, but God is the unknowable, unmanifested and imperceivable unified Source of Creation, which is geometrically represented by the perfect sphere, that through a logical mechanism (the Logos, Matrix, or Sacred Geometry) becomes perceived, manifested and known.

Now if we compare my experience to the experience of Ezechiel described in the Bible about the “wheels within wheels that went wherever the spirit went”, that he saw when as they state “God’s Word came to the priest Ezechiel” there are many similarities to be found.

But what exactly is a priest? One thing we know about many of them besides their devotion to and studies about God is their celibacy, but unlike many misunderstanding priests today, who do this because it is the rule while they lack the inner conviction and techniques to work with this Sacred Energy of Creation, and then rape the weakest and most innocent children in dark corners who they then psychologically manipulate to not tell anyone, or the mass graves found in old churchyards full of aborted babies by nuns, the ancient Eastern mystics have developed very specific techniques to harmonically redistribute this ethereal energy when it is aroused, so it doesn’t cause frustration when materialised and not expelled, and wasted as semen or menstruation blood when this Sacred Energy of Creation it is not used for what it is meant for, namely: materialising humans.
These techniques go by many names, and I had learned this about 4 years before that day by reading the books of Mantak Chia, who describes a Chinese Tao based version of Yoga, Kundalini, Tantra or Alchemy, working with Chi as they call it there (see here).

And now realise that Pythagoras, who was named after Python, a mythical serpent or dragon living at the centre of Earth, claims he was shown the structures of the 5 Platonic solids by Hermes, who was before called Toth by the Egyptians, who according to them taught their priests writing, magic, science, alchemy and whatnot, while after the ancient Greeks the Romans referred to Hermes as Mercury, while their concept of this deity was gradually ever more perverted, from the ethereal entwined Sacred Serpents itself (Mesopotania 4000 BC), to that of the protector of thieves, liers and merchants by the Romans! (see here for more info about the many faces of Hermes in many cultures)

Who holds a staff that has the two Kundalini Serpents of Ida and Pingala spinning around each other around his staff, that in Kundalini traditions is seen as the spine, while if you look at the animation I made of the Power Flower Geometry in 2010 this staff also known as the Caduceus is a hidden perspective within the Power Flower Geometry, as is the structure of our DNA, that is exposed when its endless Gordian knot is cut.

The story behind cutting the knot comes from Alexander the Great, who was one of the first dragon/serpent slayers representing the male dominant pyramidal hierarchic order based on the straight lined sharp cornered Platonic solids’ division of the unified perfect sphere, where straight lines represent the masculine aspect in Sacred Geometry, and curved lines the feminine aspect.

When at a young age Alexander decided to untangle the Gordian knot by slaying it with his sword the oracle of Delphi predicted he would conquer the world like none had before, and he did (see here)

But before he slayed that knot it was the Solar deity Apollo who preceded this dragon/serpent slayer, when he killed the Sacred Serpent or Dragon called Python in the temple of Delphi, who was venerated there by the preceding agricultural culture he conquered.
The pyramidal hierarchic order Apollo and Alexander represented, who venerated the masculine Solar deity, were soldier-city cultures unsustainably paraciting on the conquered peaceful self-sustainable agricultural cultures that preceded them, who besides Father Sun also venerated Mother Earth, and the Sacred Serpent or Dragon of Knowledge and Creation that cycles their polarised unity from the deep Sacred Heart of our Earth to the high Sacred Heart of our Sun.

This new Dragon or Serpent slaying Marsupial unsustainably plundering culture had no choice but to conquer new territories, because they could only be sustained by constantly expanding their pyramidal base of newly integrated and exploited land, its resources, inhabitants and their self-sustainable Venusian cultures practising ancient forms of permaculture, as this is how a true pyramid scheme or rather scam always works, until the base hits rock bottom and the top of participants is reached, which is currently the case now that almost all of our modern world is conquered by the pyramidal capitalist hierarchic old world order based on unsustainable expansion.

Also Saint Patrick in originally Celtic Ireland was one of these unsustainably exploiting dragon/serpent slayers, who conquered the peaceful self sustainable agricultural Celtic culture by “introducing” them to Christianity with his sword, and claims to have ridden Ireland of snakes, while they never had any physical snakes there, so that must certainly have meant he rid them of their veneration of the Sacred Serpent by replacing it with Christianity, meanwhile integrating their cultural heritage of communicating with ancestral spirits, which was then adopted and Christened into the previously nonexisting concept of purgatory, a realm between Heaven and Hell, where dead souls wander until they find their Way (quite reminiscent of the teachings in the ancient Tibetan Book of the Dead, see: ).

Besides this Saint Patrick is also known for introducing them to the concept of the all masculine unwholly Trinity of the Father, the Son (Sun), and the unwholly Spirit, because spirit is seen as masculine, opposing feminine matter, as “mater” means mother in Latin, so a naturally and logically wholly balanced truly Holy Trinity should then ofcourse consist of masculine spirit, feminine matter, and their wholly balanced product and/or source that harmonically integrates both dually separated polarised aspects, as is symbolically represented by the ancient Yin-Yang symbol in Chinese Taoism, or the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl of the South-American Aztecs, that combines the feathers of the high flying quetzal bird with the lowly sliddering serpent coatl, or as Dragons generally represent, as these mythical creatures also combine the lowly aspect of the serpent with the higher aspect of feet that enable them to rise higher and walk instead of slidder on or under the surface of Earth or water, while their wings enable them to rise even higher and connect the deep regions on Earth with the high regions in our Sun, similar to how the Kundalini Serpent within our body rises from our Root Chakra to our Crown Chakra, and also explaining the close link between mythical serpentine messengers of God like Quetzalcoatl and Hermes and the planets Mercury and Venus, as only these two planets are both orbiting our Sun closer than Earth is by spinning between Earth and our Sun within our Solar system, which can clearly be seen when they are in transit.

This also explains why Venus is seen as the planet of love, as opposed to Mars as the planet of war, because Mars is orbiting our Sun further away than Earth is, while our Sun is seen as the spiritual/ethereal Source/God of infinite 1ove, 1ight and 1ife that is materially approached and expressed by all the material planets within our Solar system, which again explains the origin of our gender symbols using the astrological symbols for the planets Mars and Venus for the male and female sex, with our Earth as the ultimately balanced crosspoint point of the materially approached expressions of spirit, that dynamically cycles at just the right distance to sustain life between those dually polarised and separated yet codependent aspects of the unity between spirit and matter, light and darkness, good and evil, masculine and feminine, love and war, straight and round, source and manifestation, unity and division, etc., so the astrological symbol for Earth is well chosen as a round circle with a straightlined cross inside it.
This design is frequently found in the symbolism of prehistoric cultures, particularly during the Neolithic to Bronze Age periods of European prehistory, which also happens to be the shape of the Celtic Cross!

Saint Patrick explained his Christian unsustainable unbalanced unwholly all masculine marsupial war-based version of this fundamental Holy Trinity to the sustainable harmonically balanced Celtic culture he conquered by showing them an example of this unified triple division in a three leaved clover, that later became the symbol of Ireland known as the Shamrock, while they already knew a much better example of the Holy Trinity for many ages, in their ancient Celtic symbol of the endless Trefoil knot also known as Triquetra, which is one of the few Power Flower Geometries that is still well known today, which I redubbed using the formula Power Flower 3:2=O, as its spiraling wave moves 3 times from the outer rim to overlap the centre 3 times and back to the rim 3 times, while spinning two times around that centre before the Serpent bites its tail and closes the Sacred Hoop=O, as in the ancient symbol of the self-sustainable Ourboros serpent eating its own tail, that refers to the eternally cycling and recycling Universal Order, generated from its zero dimensional omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent seamlessly entangled Source of unknowable unity beholding infinite potential manifestations within its spacetime-less singularity.

All this tells me the ancient peaceful self sustainable agricultural cultures that lived in greater harmony with each other and their environment were well aware of the dynamic cyclical Power Flower Geometry, with its more harmonic distribution of integral tension, power, wealth and resources, that was later replaced by the rigid Sacred Geometry of the Platonic solids by the dominating dragon/serpent/bull slaying unsustainable pyramidal capitalist hierarchy ordered soldier-city cultures.

And just like today popular culture is demonizing the currently ending world order in the age of Pisces, often referred to as the Illuminati, symbolically represented by the all-seeing eye of Big Brother in a triangle that is floating above a pyramidal base as pictured on the one Dollar bill, that on the backside shows an eagle symbolising fascist rulership (as also the lion symbolises), holding a symbol of agriculture in one claw and the symbol of fascism in its other claw (see here), so were the Sacred Serpent as well as the Horned God of Nature called Pan, as well as the astrological horned Taurus and Aries of their preceding world orders demonized by their new world order in the age of Pisces, so the worshippers of the Golden Calf were also demonized in the Old Testament, where a Marsupial, vengeful, warmongering, racist, genocidal, jealous, sexist and materialistic masculine Demiurge called Jehova opposes the demonized Lucifer, who was later equalled to Satan in Christian culture, but who was originally the brightest bearer of Solar light on Earth in absence of the Sun, who represents the planet Venus that was venerated by preceding cultures as a god that shines brightest while no stars are to be seen anymore or not yet, just before the Sun rises or falls as the morning or evening ‘star’, while the Roman culture changed the originally pre-lranian Persian God Mithras, who was originally known as the protector of cattle and pastures, to a slayer of the Cosmic Bull, while since the beginning of the age of Pisces the Christian force of evil was portrayed as a horned hoofed creature that represents the preceding astrological age of Aries.

But somehow in the Orient much more of their ancient culture has been preserved, perhaps because they were more aware of the cyclical nature of time than the Graeco-Roman-Judaic cultures who believed in a linear time with a beginning and end, enabling them to understand how also evil is not an absolute but relative to our current position within the cyclical space-time continuum, so in the Orient the farmer’s sustanance providing Holy Cow is still considered a sacred animal, as are Kundalinial Mother Earth’s Sacred Serpents, as are the cyclical geometries, like the Mandala, which literally translates to circle, and is referring to the exact same concepts as the Power Flower Geometry, but highlighting different aspects of it.
As also the originally Sanscrit word Vritti, which translates to whirlpool of consciuousness.
While also the litteral translation of Chakra is wheel or circle which is again talking about the exact same thing, again accentuating slightly different aspects of the Matrix, with the depiction of the Crown Chakra especially closely resembling the Power Flower Geometry, often referred to as a thousand-petaled lotus:
“It is said to be the most subtle Chakra in the system, relating to pure consciousness, and it is from this Chakra that all the other Chakras emanate. When a yogi is able to raise his/her Kundalini serpent (energy of consciousness) up to its central point, the state of undifferentiated consciousness is experienced. This stage is said to bring about rebirth or the powers of transforming into the divine.”
( ).

As also the ancient Greek concept of the Harmony of the Spheres also known as Musica Universalis speaks about this same Matrix Pattern of Creation when planets move in harmonic relationships to each other.

Which today is called orbital resonance in modern cosmology.

While these same harmonically unified cosmological verses are playing their interwoven resonating vibrations within our bodies, where they epigenetically modulate our DNA’s expressions (see here).

While in the Biblical story of Genesis it is again a dragon/serpent that convinces Eve to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, by telling her a lie seamlessly entangled with a truth, that she will thereby know what the again dragon slaying masculine God knows, who punished that dragon by slaying off its feet and wings to condemn this before obviously walking and flying dragon to forever crawl on its belly like a snake, after it said they would not die as God had warned them for but instead know what He knows, which wasn’t really a lie, because as the Absolute Truth of unified infinity is unknowable as a whole, it must be divided by illusory separations between the infinite aspects it beholds, that enable definable knowledge through comparison of their interrelated relative differences only after they are seemingly separated, which starts when any individual is born seemingly separated from God’s eternal Source of infinite 1ove, 1ight & 1ife.
But in Genesis this divisionary mechanism enabling God’s self awareness and manifestation was already initiated before Eve was blamed for the Fall of Man after she was convinced by the dragon/serpent to eat that fruit of knowledge through illusory die-visions projected within the eternal truth of unified infinity, as before that God had already seemingly separated the androgynous plural being of Adam from Himself, who He then further subdivided by extracting Eve from it, thereby simultaneously dividing its externally and infernally unified sexual polarity, now manifested in two externally and internally sexually opposing mutually attracted beings, who by reuniting generated all of humanity (for the Shiva&Shakti version of this creation Matrix see here), who could give names to all things in His Garden of Eden, but were seemingly separated from God, each other and then from that garden too after eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge, and therefore forbidden to continue eating the fruits from the Tree of Eternal Life also, that stood at the centre of that garden together with the Tree of Knowledge, but in Absolute Truth there is only one possible centre, so however these two trees seemed separated on the surface, their roots must have been seamlessly entangled underground! A dis-membered truth that can only be re-membered upon re-entry of that garden from the opposing western gate of where the guardian rises its flaming sword of the Sun being born, as death is the road to Awe back to Eden/God/Source, which I first re-membered when I drowned in a swimming pool at the age of 9, when I had my first near death experience, that was the most beautiful, but equally indefinable experience to that date, that motivated me from an early age to understand more about it by studying the accounts of mystics of all religions and also those of psychonauts in whose words I recognised my own experience, because the scientific paradigm of both my parents (mother biology teacher, father hydro-geologist) didn’t offer me any understanding of that experience that felt more real than my daily life experiences, which also motivated me to experiment myself with psychedelics (meaning soul manifesting) also known as entheogenics (meanjng god generating) as soon as I could, that resulted in a psychedelically induced ego-death experience on my first time at the age of 18, and a few dozen more over the course of 24 years out of a few hundred psychedelic experiences in total, which taught me ever more about that initial physically induced near death experience, and the mechanism of illusory divisions needed to name and define things beheld within the unknowable eternal Absolute Truth of unified infinity.
(see: )

This Fall of Man already starts in our learning process as a newborn baby when our mommy tells us: this is the booby, and that is not the booby, when the bridges between our synapses in our brains that were initially all connected get separated from each other while others are enforced, a process that can be reversed when psychedelics disable regions in our neo-cortex where our daily awareness and sense of self mostly resides, forcing our brain to make use of normally unused areas, where new connections between synapses are formed that can teach us new things about reality as we are mentally re-born after a mindblowing ego-death experience, that initially confronts us with our greatest fears, that we can learn to transcend by surrendering to a complete loss of control that liberates our mind of all unnecessary suffering, while after its sequential rebirth we can more consciously choose what we learn or leave behind on our fastforwarded journey back to adulthood than we could after our physical birth (see:

Here’s a link showing the influence of LSD on many groundbreaking and influencial modern inventions, discoveries and technologies:

And finally here’s a link discussing the cultural and religious significance of entheogens like LSD:

So to conclude, there seems to be a red line passing through global history, religion and mythology about a Sacred Serpent that represents the mechanism for knowledge and creation, through division of the unified infinity of our otherwise unknowable and unmanifestable Source of Creation, that can coil and weave itself into a self sustainable endlessly looping hooped knot when this serpent eventually bites its tail, which has infinite cyclical frequency divisions of what I call the Power Flower Geometry, that represents a newly rediscovered ancient aspect of Sacred Geometry, which most closely approaches the infinitely unified structure of the perfect sphere, by dividing and distributing that division of the unified sphere most harmonically in a self-sustainable cyclical gyroscopic pattern, thereby representing the most efficient version of the Matrix of Harmonic Order, that is Universally materially approached, and applied by Nature.

One week before the experience I just described I had an other transformational psychedelic experience, which started by zooming inside my thumb, seeing the cells, then molecules, then atoms inside and finally to the heart of matter inside the nucleus of an atom, where a strange reptilian alien like creature welcomed me and then escorted me to my disembodied soul mates hovering in or perhaps out of our Galaxy in a circle, me sharing my Earth experience as they shared their intergalactic experiences, then meeting the Grey aliens who performed a classical examination of my Sacral Chakra’s energy flower, unfolding its energy lines (called Nadi in Kundalini traditions, that at some point became very scary when they entered my nervous system through my pupil with some kind of scraping drill that hurt me, which I thought was going too far at some point, so then I wanted to know if I could stop the experience, which happened to be very easy by simply diverting my eyes from my thumb, directly after which a good girlfriend entered my room, saying: ‘cyborg assimilation terminated’, which was very peculiar, but then I went back in and surrendered based on my conviction that 1ove conquers all and I had nothing to fear but fear itself, the next day I asked that girl why on Earth she had said what she said on that exact moment, which I couldn’t ask her when it was happening because of my state of mind then, and she said that this was simply because she was getting bored with her boyfriend (the friend who gave me that hash ball the week after on Earth Dance), because he was on the internet too long according to her so she decided to check what was happening in the next room of our squatted house, which was a funny lesson about how different spacetime-lines can cross in our multidimensional Universe that can each have completely different meanings to each of us.
That next morning I also had something else quite strange, which was a fat bump on my underlip, that kind of worried me because of the extreme intimacy with those aliens the night before, so I was thinking they might have actually left something in my body, so I pierced that big bump, and then squeezed out a slimy clear transparent substance that was slimier than any substance I had ever encountered, as I could stretch it out as far as I could stretch my arms out, so I thought maybe they somehow impregnated me, or that it was some sort of residue left after scraping through my energy channels (Nadi) that ended up in my underlip, or something like that, so I squeezed everything out that I could.
After that deeply made decision of surrendering in full faith of the power of 1ove I decided that day that I would never do anything anymore that was not out of my heart but based on fear coming from my mind, and I also then decided I would never do anything anymore only for money, as I realised most of the money we work for represents an unrealistic fear for the future, apart from boosting our false sense of ego out of an inferiority complex, so I was curious to see what would happen and how long I could survive not giving in to that fear, which happened to mean unintentionally that the following 7 years I managed to survive without any money, which wasn’t really my goal but an interesting period in which I quite successfully survived and organised many big free events with thousands of visitors by making creative use of what other people considered garbage and thereby living in greater harmony with my environment, the real meaning of survival of the fittest, which I kept up until I emigrated to Kenya, the poorest region on Earth, to share what I had learned from the Power Flower Geometry, where it was impossible to live without money, where I survived on averagely 20 Euros a month that various friends sent to me, about half of what was considered the minimum for survival by all the locals I met there during almost 5 years, in which I tried in vain to apply the ideal manifestation of the Power Flower Geometry in my PHI-SCI project in cooperation with the local population (see:), which I now want to manifest in Portugal, where I have been searching for the right land and partners for the past 9 months…so far no luck in finding partners or the right land on my budget of 20 000 Euro that my parents support me with, so I hope this long post might make more people understand what it is exactly that I am so eager to manifest as a pilot project, or rather an Aquarian Template Temple, and why, namely:
to remodel and (r)evolve the understanding of our Matrix as soon as possible, before the top-heavy hierarchic pyramid scheme comes crashing down on all participating players depending on it for survival like a house of cards, as the rigid straight lined approach of the perfect sphere that Pyhtagoras presented at the start of our currently ending age of Pisces, however useful at the time, is gradually becoming ever more evidently distorted, disturbing, distressing, diseased and dishonest, because power must dynamically flow through structures to revitalise all synergetically collaborative internally and externally harmonic elements it beholds, for their inter-related dynamic balance to continually be re-stored and harmonically re-distributed to where its needed most, and not stagnate and ever more concentrate at sharp corner points where it rots all organic 1ife and breeds nothing but parasites (see: ehow and also see this earlier post about the (inter)national lack of distribution of wealth in capitalist hierarchic societies: capitalist hierarchic societies ), because one thing is for sure: the paradigm based on its static straightlined sharpcornered triangular and blockheaded Sacred Geometry responsible for our old but still current capitalist hierarchic slavocratic pyramidal world order, that has continually been making the rich relatively ever richer and the poor ever poorer, is heading for self destruction at its mathematical end point when all the wealth and power in the world belongs to one person, raised to God’s status without the responsibility and empathic 1ove for all worldly 1ifeforms that comes with that power, so may the understanding and application of the Power Flower Geometry’s revolutionary New Whirled Order B ALL we need to return us all to our self-sustain-a-BALL state of BALLance before it turns against us all!


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Big thanks for all your support of the psychedelic community over all those years and good luck & full support for your digital future!

Tell us your story – PSAYAGATA (Portugal)

We are Marco and Renato, dreamers from Portugal, and we would like to share with you guys a vision. Our vision within this Universe of ours.

Tell us your story – SENSIFEEL (France)

I can tell a lot of things the last 25years of Psytrance, which i lived and shared entirely. It started from a Rave in a forest or in old farm, grew from experimental to underground and now we can say it is a standard.

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