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X-Nova Interview

Your life-story and relationship with your work

Tell us a little about you and your work:
I can describe my project as deep, hypnotizing and soothing psychedelic progressive trance with focus on groovy and relentless rhythms. I do like a few other genres as well, like deep/electro/progressive house and even stuff like drum’n’bass or dubstep, althou i don’t really listen to those on a daily basis.

Currently what projects are you working on? And what future plans have you chalked out for yourself?:
I have only one project at the moment, which I think is enough for now. I do plan to play more live sets when possible, to be able to bring my music to the masses. In the nearest future I also plan on releasing a 7-10 track LP.

You obviously love what you do…but what do you love the most about your work?:
The end goal is to create something that will bring both the good, positive and cozy atmosphere and move the dancefloor with infinite, limitless groove, as I think D is a big part of EDM in general. Technically speaking when producing music I love to work with groove – basslines, percussions etc..

What is your second love? What’s the alternative career path you would have travelled if you were not on the one you are right now?:
Well I also have passion for web design and finished a technical school in Roskilde as web integrator. I work at the company called “Webhelp” as tech support right now, which I’m totally satisfied with.

Share your experiences and your characteristics/personality

Everybody’s got favourites…so what’s your favourite work/piece among everything that you’ve designed/produced/dj-ed/created? (Link us up!):
I do have a single called “Soul / Tranquility” which i wrote and published some time ago, very early in my career. It is currently on self-publish on spinnup, a service a la LANDR. The two tracks there have aged a lot but they have an extremely cool idea which i want to bring forth.

Name a few of your all time favourite tracks. (From other artists if you are producer).:
I loved Ticon – Waiting for the Knights for quite a long time now, and basically love any remixes made with it later, as well as some of the Son Kite’s older tracks like Knob Adjustment and The Stars Within Us…those tracks indeed have some special place in my heart, although naming tracks would be too difficult maybe. I do love a gazillion others tracks, so basically earlier Iboga Records, Iono Records, Nano Records and artists like Liquid Soul, Egorythmia, Flegma, Zyce, Freq, Antix and much more.

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