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Actually what is it that makes painting psychedelic? Which techniques are used to give a work this expression? And which role do psychedelic drugs play in this process? An interview with Amanda Sage.

Before you grab brush, pen & co: Do you have special ideas and feelings?

It’s this passion that almost forces me to paint. Like a well that is about to burst! I used to love to create when I was questioning the suffering of the world. Now I imagine my work being medicine for healing, understanding that Art is an amazing catalyst for change, and instead of focusing on the reflection of all the pain in the world, I try and see beauty and harmony. And by seeking it in myself and sharing it with the world, I feel it is the most authentic gift I can give. I hope to inspire millions to appreciate the uniqueness of this experience called life and to awaken the creative power within.

What does ‘psychedelic’ or ‘visionary’ art mean particularly for you: Can you please give us your definition?
I wouldn‘t consider them one in the same. Psychedelic art is either something that was inspired by a psychedelic experience, or is designed to inspire, remind or enhance ‚reality‘ by viewing it. This art can even induce a psychedelic experience by merely viewing it. ‘Visionary’ describes something of an almost prophetic/clairvoyant nature and should not necessarily define a specific movement in art. It is the artist sharing her/his subjective vision mixed with a message for humanity. When the expression of psychedelic and visionary art blend… patterns, language, metaphors and profound experience come to the forefront – expanding our perception and understanding of reality.

So how do you put this principle to practice? Are there any special ‘calculations’, is there any special planning you make to achieve this personal formula of psychedelic art?
The primary goal that I have in creating is to be of service to what I am doing. Ernst Fuchs words remind me to ‘listen to the painting’…releasing fear, control and the rational mind switches on autopilot and my feeling directs. One can then open up the doors to the akashic records, to the memory of all that is… I believe you must be secure in your medium; if your method of expression is paint, be diligent in practice, know how the relationship between light and dark, colour and form work, creating harmonies and illusions. 

Let us get to a practical example, your painting ‘The Birth Of Ven
I paint generally in a version of the Misch Technique taught by Ernst Fuchs. I often begin with washes of acrylic paint, painted very much as if I were using watercolour, then I build up the first layer of whites (light) either in acrylic, casein or self made egg tempera. Then painting in layers of oil, switching back to building up the light with tempera. This painting has about 9 layers of evolution. The content in this piece is subtle, pointing towards a feeling of ascension, of awakening. The symbol of the egg is a prominent form in my work. That wherefrom everything is born, the seed, the most reduced organic form. A portal of infinite possibilities.

What is the connection of psychedelic arts and psychedelic drugs, regarding the artist as well as the audience who is watching it?
The psychedelic experience is completely individual. One can journey into a piece of art on many levels, in an enhanced state, deep communication is possible and should be carefully dealt with and honoured. All psychedelic art need not be viewed while in that state of awareness, as some work is done to just get it out, and some is meant for a deeper dialog with the audience.

What was the biggest compliment given to you as a painter?
That my paintings are reminiscent of music! 🙂


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