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The much awaited new Shulman album, entitled, ALive, will be finally released in January 2012 in Aleph Zero Records. The album contains live arrangements of known Shulman tracks that were made for the special Shulman live band shows.

The recordings were done with live musicians, a drummer, guitar player, bass player and keyboardist, plus the Shulman duo working their electronic magic on computers and synthesizers. It presents unique sound textures combining the usual Shulman incredible compositions with ethnic elements, psychedelic rock, jazz and other eclectic musical touches. The outcome is an out-of-this-world journey into Shulman’s weird universes, but with more organic and alive feel to it that makes it all seem very real.

Solar Fields returns with his 10th album (!!!), Until We Meet the Sky, on Ultimae Records, of course. Swedish composer Magnus Birgersson, is ready to once again take us by surprise and deliver a wide, lush and electric album. Ultimae promises that Until We Meet the Sky has a an intensely cinematic sound, starting with introspective, wispy and intimate ambient electronica and slowly building up to a shoegazing spirit engulfing the listener in an ethereal dreamworld.

The album was composed by Solar Fields as a one track story in twelve phases from nightscapes to the sky, and promises to be deep and addictive.

Russian downtempo Koan are back with a 2 EP release on Section Records ahead of their forthcoming full-length cd album entitled ‘Argonautica’. The original here is their track, ‘Circe’s Touch’, named after the mythological sorceress Circe, who used her skills with herbs, drugs and magic potions to bewitch her enemies, and who was described in Homer’s Odyssey as ‘The loveliest of all immortals’.

The first volume holds the original and downtempo remixes from Krusseldorf and Asura. The second EP has dance remixes by Soundprank, label boss Nick Brennan, Petit Ange and a tech-trance belter from Koan’s side project, Roeth and Grey.

Patch’s new album, Western Slope, is out now on Rena Jones’ label, Cartesian Binary. Western Slope is Patch’s deep ambient companion album to the ‘1 degree C’ album released earlier in May this year.

The album is portrayed as a collection of soundscape portraits of the poles and the waters and forests in-between. An experiment in minimalism that is meant to take the listener to those places where air is quiet and water still; to slow the breath, feel space within space and hear sounds within sound.

Saint Petersburg based Microcosmos Records bring us the new Aedem album- ‘ice’. After the successful split album ‘Prism’ with Alexander Daf,Konstantin Terentyev releases his debut album. Aedem has a classical musical education and works as a professional sound engineer, and has developed his own unique sound. ‘Ice’ promises to be an unforgettable psychedelic trip, beautiful, mysterious and exciting, beyond any genre limits.

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