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mushroom magazine

10 years ago, in the year 2006:

+++ 150+ BPM +++

Some call it Dark: A new sub-genre is taking shape at the upper end of the BPM scale. 145 – 150, sometimes even more impacts per minute, make it quite a sporty thing to dance to. Eerie sounds and samples make it quite a trippy listening experience

+++ 100 years +++

Albert Hofmann, discoverer of LSD, is in glowing health. On 11th January 2006 is his 100th birthday. For this very special occasion a symposium has been organised in Basel, welcoming psychologists and psychonauts from all around the world

+++ Progressive +++

The renowned Progressive Trance label Spiral Trax has not released a single album during the past 2 years. The music market is still very unstable, and label head Anti thought there hasn‘t been any good new Progressive Trance anyway, apart from Atmos, Son Kite and Ticon. Now he changed his mind and is about to release ‚Nordic Nature‘, the debut album of Gaudium

+++ Minimalist +++

The minimalist approach of Neelix stirs more and more excitement in the scene. His second album ‚No Way To Leave‘ turns out to be a real trend-setter. Asked about his inspirations, the artist from Hamburg recalls driving back from parties in a car with Montagu and Golkonda, also he mentions the sound of Fabio and Benni Moon. Asked about his future, he says: ‚I regard the bookings and the projects to be a wonderful hobby, I think that won‘t change in the near future.‘

mushroom magazine atisha

+++ The show must go on +++

Atisha is closing after 21 years. For more than 11 years the club hosted the Trance Dance on Thursdays, an essential part of Hamburg‘s rich scene culture

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