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Der heute 26-jährige Simon Hafele aka Psy-Pix aus dem österreichischen Tirol ist zweifelsohne einer der derzeit talentiertesten Maler unserer Szene. An dieser Stelle präsentieren wir die gekürzte Version eines Interviews mit ihm in Englisch Da du offenbar der deutschen Sprache mächtig bist, wirf doch wahlweise einen Blick auf unsere Internetseite- dort findet sich nämlich die ungekürzte Fassung dieses wirklich spannenden Gesprächs mit Simon!

Psy-Pix aka Simon Hafele

Simon Hafele from the West Austrian state of Tyrol is probably one of most up-and-coming decoration artists of our scene. The amazing organic work of the nowadays 26-year old, can be frequently admired at events in Austria and Switzerland but also increasingly at festivals and parties all around Europe.


Hi Simon! How did you get in touch with painting and how with black light art?

I always loved painting, I think my first pictures were inspired by the Asterix and Obelix comics When I was 15, I attended an art college specialized in carving and finished a training as a gilder and sign painter. After that I took up a job to gain some money for a trip to India and Nepal. It was actually this journey that brought me to black light painting. Travelling alone in winter 2005 / 06 and visiting all that places in Asia meant a huge inspiration for me. It was also then when I decided to become self-employed. In 2010 this dream eventually became true, I am now an acknowledged artist in Austria and earn my money painting.


Please tell us a little about your technique!

I use brushes and air brush for my work. Besides painting on canvas, I also designed numerous walls in shops, hotels etc. and also built some wood constructions. An interesting technical experience is the fact that at the moment my right hand is broken pretty badly. A ladder collapsed beyond my feet So now I am temporarily working with my left hand and I have to say there are some really exciting results! I will publish them soon on my new homepage, which is currently being created.

Blue plays an important role in lots of your paintings. Is there a special reason for that?

I reckon sometimes I just wish not to have taken the red pill but the blue one No, rather this colour is pretty important when it comes to the day / night appearance of my work. Plus for me, blue exudes freedom, clearness, harmony and satisfaction.


What was the biggest compliment you received as an artist?

The biggest compliment for me is when people feel good when being surrounded by my decoration, when they open their minds towards my pictures, when they take a good look at them. In such moments they do not only deal with my pictures but also with me, with my character. This can become an intense journey to the inner self, for me as an artist as well as for the people who look at my work.


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