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Raumtechnik - Bamfam © by

Raumtechnik – Bamfam © by

There is no end to the creative commitment of Shiva Joerg. It was a spiritual experience when he discovered the unlimited power and possibilities of electronic music around 1990. Playing first dj sets in Goa and Hampi he became a pioneer of what did not yet have a genre name back then: Psytrance. Some years after these early dj days the German founded the legendary record label ‚Shiva Space Technology‘ together with his old Trance companion, Andy Shiva aka Lemurians. His passion for the rising Psytrance vibe brought him to the stages of festivals in Europe, Israel, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and in many other places. Today his creativity takes various forms: Melodic Fullon sets as Shiva Joerg, deep Darkpsy as Dark Shiva, and lately also a moderate-bpm project called Raumtechnik. The first album of this newest project has already been finished:  528HZ – The Frequency Of Love will be released on BAM Records in October, CD and online. Additionally there will be some collaboration with the Asarualim guys.

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