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At Waldfrieden events, you will be likely to look like a curious little child that’s impressed by its discoveries. The whole location follows a thoughtful concept, therefore offering plenty possibilities to guests. At the same time, the nature-preserving methods conclude impressive environmental consciousness.

From Seekers To Finders

One might wonder how the crew manages to keep this place, especially knowing that there still are a few other people living around the area. Well, in the beginning, there was only a little restaurant in the idyllic Stemwede-Wehdem in Northern Germany. It was a wanderer’s quick retreat for a cup of coffee before continuing his trip. One day, a group of people arrived and decided to stay, and soon the first tiny parties took place in a tool shed. As the popularity grew, one of the neighbours wasn’t quite fond of the music and felt disturbed. Through a long series of sound insulation attempts and money invested, a solution could be found. When another house nearby was about to be sold, the Waldfrieden crew came to a brave decision: It would have to become part of them! It was only for the gracious donations collected and the help of a brewery that they could finally buy the place, setting up a spacious kind of hotel. Nowadays, it’s probably the best artist accomodation you can imagine.

Events For All Senses

Within our community, Waldfrieden is known best for their legendary Waldfrieden Wonderland and Hai in den Mai, which are the only parties that use the whole area. The legendary Wonderland is tapping the 8000 guests mark now and still lures old and new generations in with its extremely nice flair. For its 20th anniversary, there will be lots of surprises this year.
Their Summer Special, taking place one a month from June to September, mixes Techno, Psytrance and Darkpsy. Their residents, such as Alice D Joanna and Lufttrockner, tame the crowd. Since 2014, the Wald Healing is the spiritual heart of Waldfrieden and concentrates on all aspects of self-development and healing. Part of the earnings go to “Plant for the Planet”: By planting one tree for each Euro received, this non-profit organization works towards planting 1000 billion trees until 2020.

As there are new little playful aspects such as self-built watch towers or little wooden applications every time, no Waldfrieden is the same and shows that the crew is constantly improving to guarantee a unique experience!

This article appeared first in our printed edition.

Waldfrieden impressions & videos

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