The Swiss Psytrance-Scene is growing and growing.

The new generation of party goers has arrived and with this we remove us ever further away from the fine small parties where it is sufficient too book national artists and dj’s and the guests are happy with it.

A few years ago we were still undemanding what was the line-up. We were delighted when it was an international live act, which played a 1 hour live-set for us.

Now it seems almost as we were spoilt for choice from the huge range of large parties & festivals that are mutually exclusive with even greater and more spectacular offer want to outsmart. A great name is barely even to the people at the party and it is becoming more and more difficult to attract as a small label in the large.

For my part, I hope that we can remain in a healthy mediocrity, that there is room in our little Switzerland for both types of events.

Certainly a positive aspect of this change is that we have again, many large festivals in Switzerland. This summer we have in the Swiss mountains 5 big festivals within 3 months. (shankra, burning mountain, one Love, V. I.R.U.S , summer never end).

There is such a big offer which is not necessary it any more to visit a festival abroad

Because there is nothing more beautiful than 4 days in the middle of the Swiss mountains, to dance, laugh and celebrate.

And no matter how big our scene became in Switzerland, we will always be a big psytrance-family.

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