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The new version of the Astral visuals website has been released. It contains a collection of mystical and cosmic 3D visuals like Dimension shift 2012, Shaman’s journey and Cosmic gateway tunnel. These  can be used for meditation or to energize and stimulate the mind. They are designed to transfix the watchers and to have a hypnotic effect on them. You can travel through tunnels, journey through space and experience shapeshifting morphs and 3d rides.

All the visuals on the website have been made in Java and the 3d visuals have been made with Java3D. This means that they can be used as applets on web sites. They can also be used as VJ visuals. The site also has a large collection of screensavers. These have a trance inducing effect and can be used as meditation and hypnosis tools.

The site also features the visual stimulation tool Astral effects. It contains 10 hypnotic effects like Cosmic Pulsator, Hypnotic Mandala, Polar Lotus and Pulsedriver. These are designed to help you meditate or just relax, wherever you are. Astral Effects is the first visual stimulation tool for mobiles ever.

It works by decreasing the brain wave rhythm until the alpha state is reached. This makes it easy to meditate.  Using this technology will help the users to reduce stress, improve creativity, accelerate spiritual growth and much more. It works on all brands and types of devices. The only requirement is Java and a color screen. Astral Effects will soon be released as a music plugin for mobile phones. The visuals will then be synchronized to the music, just like a Winamp plugin for PC’s. This product will be released in April 2009.

The visuals are programmed by Eyvind Almqvist, who also owns the Mobile Visuals company. Mobile Visuals has produced mobile screensavers for AT&T and the graphics for the British electro artist Jojo De Freq’s site.

Eyvind lives in Kista in the northern part of Stockholm in Sweden. His big interests are nature and programming. The inspiration to the visuals comes from nature experiences in the forests outside of Kista and listening to trance music. Eyvind has been in the IT business since 1999 and have worked for different consulting companies. He started the Mobile Visuals company in May 2007. The new versions of the visuals on the Astral visuals site were programmed in the autumn of 2008 and the design for the site was finalized in January of 2009. The Astral visuals can be experienced here:

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