Become a partner

The mushroom magazine will soon be launching a new, innovative project, in which you can also participate!


  • are outgoing and sociable
  • would like to bring the worldwide Psytrance community together with your local scene
  • knows local, regional and/or international party organizers and scene activists
  • are a positive, energetic person
  • are absolutely reliable
  • can motivate you independently
  • loves the psytrance scene
  • are at home on the Internet, at parties and in the Psytrance community
  • speak and write English and your native language at a high, creative level
  • are interested in a new, interesting and (if you are really committed) lucrative additional income

We can’t tell you much more about this new secret project at the moment, but we’re already collecting applications, so if the above mentioned points apply, please send an email today to, in which you apply as creative as possible. In any case, please add a text about your local scene next to your personal data.

Okay, there’s a little hint about the project after all:
We will renew our international project “Trancers Guide To The Galaxy” and are looking for worldwide partners.

By the way, if you really want to get started and would like to accompany the whole project additionally in the management, then apply and send your mail to us accordingly.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Your mushroom team

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