„Drug-related crime” on the rise in schools


More and more young people are taking drugs. Particularly cannabis is the number one drug among teens – obviously also in the schoolyard. Kush and Haze instead of recess snack According to the Deutsche Ärzte-Zeitung, drug-related offences are increasing in ...

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Cannabis and ever more money


Now they have arrived in Germany as well, the US American bolides of cannabis business. In April, they will hold a first conference in Berlin. US-Conference on canna-business in Berlin Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar business. This is becoming increasingly ...

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MDMA could turn legal


Illegal MDMA could turn legal prescription drug as potent treatment for PTSD In the USA MDMA could become a prescription drug by 2021. A clinical study conducted by MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) approaches the last phase of the ...

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BONG ZONE – A deeper look at bongs


Bongs have been an unquestioned part of cannabis culture from time immemorial. It is an unique act performed and singularly appreciated by cannabis enthusiasts. But what makes a bong a bong and not just a pipe? Lets find out. Bongs ...

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Because of weed! – Prison for patient


A 58-year-old patient with a neurological disorder has to go to prison without probation because he will not use weed from the pharmacist. No probation for growing at home! It is simply a tragedy. The German federal government has just ...

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German parliament adopts amendment of law regarding hemp medicine On 19 January, the German parliament unanimously decided that cannabis patients will be reimbursed by health insurance starting from March. In 2015 it was talked about, in 2016 it should have ...

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Georg Wurth says “FOLKS, BUTT IN”

Georg Wurth

Georg Wurth has been heading the German Hanfverband (DHV), located in Berlin since 2002. Born 1972 in Remscheid he is a studied economist and owner of the DHV since 2004. The head of the German Hanfverband on hemp medicine, legalization ...

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Cannabis sweets for „ADS“ children in the USA

children cannabis sweets

Cannabis sweets, danger or medicine for children? While in some states arguments run high that cannabis sweets pose dangers to children, a candy flavoured prescription drug has been approved. While especially in Colorado and Washington authorities aim to ban sweets ...

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Healing against depression – Psilocybin

healing against depression

Healing against depression? In a study psilocybin could alleviate depression, where conventional pharmaceuticals had failed. Though the internationally renowned neuropharmacologist David Nutt of the Beckley Foundation had to bring in the psilocybin from Frankfurt (THC-pharm) at a high cost, for ...

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Imprisonment for industrial hemp

industrial hemp

Going to jail for inactive industrial hemp? In Germany this might obviously become possible as the operator of a company dealing with inactive hemp must now experience. The owner of the hemp-company in Hoexter had been sanctioned some time ago ...

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Cannabis Congress in Hamburg

cannabis congress

A congress with focus on cannabis Proponents of a change of the national narcotics law met for coordination with cities, municipalities and communities. More than 200 people from all over Germany met to discuss long overdue reforms within drug policy ...

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