From participating at Ninja Israel VIP to playing at the world biggest stages, Skazi is officially the Israeli Ambassador of the electronic music scene in the world and the busiest Israeli artist in the industry.

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Adrien Interview 2019

From the clubs of Zurich to the Universo Parallelo Festival: Swiss DJ with Croatian roots Adrien Subasic plays global stages under the flag of Blue Tunes Records.

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ANTARIS Project 2019 – 25th anniversary Interview

Together with founder Uwe we look back on 25 years of Antaris, give him the opportunity to talk about this truly unique Psytrance festival from his point of view, which mushroom magazine as well as the international Psytrance scene have visited year after year with great enthusiasm and devotion.

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CIMI – Interview 2019

Native Italian London resident shares his experiences of more than 20 years of Psytrance as DJ, promoter and producer. He talks about his role in society as an artist, what he loves most about his work, likes about himself the most, and also what he does during his time off, and more.

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Chrizzlix should be well known especially to the North German Psytrance fans, besides the label work for Sun Department Records (which he founded together with Psyfonic), he is also active as a producer and plays live a sound that has bonds in progressive as well as in full-on, this year a lot of good stuff will follow

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Etnica – 25 years of music production, parties and touring

Etnica, 25 years of music production, parties and touring - and they are still as fresh and energetic as those members of our scene who are actually younger than their creative projects: Mauri and Max aka Etnica aka Pleiadians are two living pieces of Psytrance history. History still in the making, that is...

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Mimesis Decoration

Dive into the world class Psytrance decoration from Barcelona for events like One Love Festival, S.U.N. Festival, Connection Festival and more.

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Bim & Drukverdeler – 005


The dance crowds go crazy when Bim and Drukverdeler melt their laptop controller setups to a symbiosis and pass unexpected tunes to the other On the floor we are one How did the two of you come together? D: Actually …

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Antagon – 004

Antagon - Soulvision

The differences between Forest, Darkpsy and Hi-Tech, his music, the new album ‘Moksha’, his astonishing musical roots, and his experiences as a Psytrance artist

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Alpha – 003

Alpha Funny Moon

Extreme music or fast music is not the problem. But it can become a problem, when every track is sounding similar to the other. Like Prog. Like Full On. Like TV

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Ultimate Xperience

A true jack of all trades, a true scene veteran, and a truly busy drummer, producer, composer, writer and graphic designer.

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