How could you stand the Psytrance Scene?WORD!

word how could you stand the psytrance scene

How can you endure all the dreadful organization structures, the unreliability, high expectations and low appreciation for what you do this scene over years and years and not get fed up? Boom Shankar (BMSS Rec) The answer is simple: because ...

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Live Acts – do we really need them? WORD!

WORD: Do we really need Live Acts? Do we really need live acts that don‘t perform anything live other than pressing a play button and occasionally touching the EQ knobs (and earn tenfold more doing that than the equally skilled ...

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In which direction will Psytrance evolve?

Artists about the scene: In which direction will Psytrance evolve? We asked Oli Wisdom from Space Tribe, Tristan, Anthony Silfors from S>Range and Guy Youngman from Aerospace: Over the past years the scene has witnessed many changes, in which direction ...

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