Bim & Drukverdeler – 005


The dance crowds go crazy when Bim and Drukverdeler melt their laptop controller setups to a symbiosis and pass unexpected tunes to the other On the floor we are one How did the two of you come together? D: Actually ...

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Antagon – 004

Antagon - Soulvision

The differences between Forest, Darkpsy and Hi-Tech, his music, the new album ‘Moksha’, his astonishing musical roots, and his experiences as a Psytrance artist From Metal to Psytrance Where do you see differences between forest, darkpsy and hi-tech? What are ...

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Alpha – 003

Alpha Funny Moon

Alpha, A Musician, DJ, Producer, Moderator, Composer, Organizer & StarTrek Junkie „Extreme music or fast music is not the problem. But it can become a problem, when every track is sounding similar to the other. Like Prog. Like Full On. ...

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Laughing Buddha – 001

laughing buddha

In this very exciting interview Jeremy aka Laughing Buddha talks about his origins as a Trance musician, his epiphany on the dance floor, the twilight in the middle, and future plans. Laughing Buddha You’ve been around since the early ...

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