24. ANTARIS Project 2018 Review

The ANTARIS UFO has long been an indispensable part of the universe. Under its sparkling roof it unites party people from all over the world according to the motto: Laugh & Dance!

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VOOV Experience 2016 – Review


Newly ascending and long-time guests came together last year from July 22 to 25, celebrating VooV Experience again. The incomparable spirit was re-created successfully. Renewal And Reunion On the festival ground near Putlitz, located between Hamburg and Berlin, it had …

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FLOW Festival 2016 Review

The name F.L.O.W. an abbreviation for „Feel Love On Weekend“ reads quite artificial. But that‘s precisely what you got in there. FLOW Festival, an optical, musical and human highlight of the festival summer A quarry as a location for a …

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Antaris Project 2016 Review

For the 22nd time this year, people of all ages, nations and backgrounds gathered under the emerging full-moon to praise one of the oldest events in the Psytrance-scene. Dancing The Clouds Away Compared with other festivals, ANTARIS will always be …

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