Symbolika Titelbild

Since 2001, Symbolika has been dedicated to producing highly unique, experimental visionary and psychedelic artworks inspired by shamanic experiences

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Anahata Designs

Anahata Designs strives to translate the magic of places into the language of the beautiful West Coast, creating wearable art sculptures that speak to the heart

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SumBodyArt's Home BodyPainting, a mixture of bodypainting photography, bodypainting dance videos and live bodypainting performances

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ISART Design

ISART has the essence of wild spirits. Participates over the years in various cultural projects and events. It aims to show a new story.

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Luna Design

Stepping out beyond the limitations of conventional high street fashion, Luna Designs are inspired by the grace and beauty of magic and nature.

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Psylo Fashion

Every Psylo piece of clothing is more than stitched fabrics thrown together to meet the demand of trendsetters. It is the result of a deeply thought of process

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Offrandes is a Hip Nomad & Online boutique inspired by subcultures worldwide, Nature’s poetry & you!

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Intelligent fashion for individuals with which both the current spirit of time, as well as the personal note of the individual is underlined!

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Arne & Telisee

arne telisse stubnitz decoration

Learn more about the decoration team that decorated festivals and locations like Psychedelic Circus, Vaikuntha, Voov Experience, the Juice Club and many more

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The Mind Heart Connection

The Mind Heart Connection is a music project that involves the human spirit, the balance through the life itself. It´s like the human heart as a muscle, which feeds on the lifegiving nutrients brought to it by blood circulation. Then ...

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Phoenyx & Fox

phoenix shop elves fairies

A large selection of sustainable fair trade products: Exceptional clothing, juggling - toys and accessories, home accessories, decoration and much more!

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