Festival Map – worldwide Psytrance Festivals

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Antaris Project Hai in den Mai 2018 Waldfrieden Wonderland 2018 Indian Spirit 2018 New Healing Festival 2018 Psychedelic Circus 2018
You want to see the other festivals as well? Here is the detailed list of Psytrance Festivals.
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AHO Festival - Brazil

10.08.2017 - 13.08.2017
Brazil / pin La Solana de Riambau, Figueras

An event created by the team of Aho Festival, with a lot of Love, in an environment full of nature, in the mountains of la Solana de Riambau.

Hai in den Mai 2018 - Germany

03.05.2018 - 06.05.2018
Germany / Waldfrieden Events

Next year we will finally swing the fins when the shark from May 3rd asks for an audience until 06 May 2018 and opened the next outdoor season trance.

Summer Opening 2018 - Germany

12.05.2018 - 12.05.2018
Germany / Entenwerder

The ov-silence Summer Opening on Entenwerder will take place again this year and will be the starting signal for the long-awaited open air season for all of us!

Psychedelic Experience 2018 - Germany

17.05.2018 - 20.05.2018
Germany / Ruthen

The Psychedelic Experience 2018 is a 4 days tribal gathering of Psychedelic & Progressive Trance.

Triplicity Festival 2018 - United Kingdom

23.05.2018 - 29.05.2018
United Kingdom / Wales

Triplicity 2018:​ 100+ artists from all over Europe showcasing the finest in Electronic Psychedelic Bass Music, Psy-Trance, Psy Dub, Psy Breaks, Techno & more

Psy-Boutique Festival - Turkey

25.05.2018 - 28.05.2018
Turkey / The Bay Beach Club

This is a small and unique festival you should start the season with and don’t miss out.

Psychedelic Circus Festival 2018 - Germany

31.05.2018 - 04.06.2018
Germany / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

A circus is filled with fun, laughter, amusement and joy.

ForRest Explosion S.N.T. Sommernachtztraum Festival 2018 - Germany

15.06.2018 - 17.06.2018
Germany / Kieskuhle

ForRest Explosion will celebrate this journey for 3 days and 2 nights full of psychedelic trance music.

Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air 2018 - Germany

15.06.2018 - 16.06.2018
Germany / Flugplatz Tutow

“Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century”

Solstice Festival - Netherlands

21.06.2018 - 21.06.2018
Netherlands / Ruigoord

The awesome freaky annual festival in the squatted village near Amsterdam

UFO BUFO Festival 2018 - Czech Republic

21.06.2018 - 24.06.2018
Czech Republic / Klokočov

Since 2013, Ufo Bufo exists and became one of the the biggest czech psytrance festivals in history.


Masters Of Puppets - Czech Republic

25.06.2018 - 01.07.2018
Czech Republic / Brno

Masters Of Puppets 2018 celebrating the 5th Anniversary, reason enough to dance for days!

Burning Mountain Festival 2018 - Switzerland

27.06.2018 - 01.07.2018
Switzerland / Zernez

Burning Mountain Festival is a 4 days experience of radical self expression and self commitment. It’s not about consuming, it is about participating.

Dakini Festival - Romania

27.06.2018 - 01.07.2018
Romania / Plaja Tuzla

A world full of magic is rising in the wilderness on the Romanian Black Sea coastline, on the virgin lands of Tuzla Beach, Constanta.

Reisefieber XIV Festival 2018 - Switzerland

29.06.2018 - 01.07.2018
Switzerland / Scheltenpass

Das Eventgelände liegt auf einer Wiese in einer kleinen Senke umgeben von Wald. Die einmalige Kulisse gibt dem Reisefieber- Festival den einmaligen Groove.

ONE Love Festival 2018 - Switzerland

04.07.2018 - 09.07.2018
Switzerland / Filisur

“Seeds Of Love” is this festival’s new mantra, because love is what keeps the world going on and on.

Freqs of Nature Festival 2018 - Germany

04.07.2018 - 09.07.2018
Germany / Niedergörsdorf

Peculiar music, art and engineering festival, near Berlin.

FLOW Festival - Austria

05.07.2018 - 08.07.2018
Austria / Eggendorf

FLOW describes the experience of being completely absorbed in an activity. The FLOW festival gives you a chance to interact with the Austrian Psytrance family!

Dharma Festival - Poland

05.07.2018 - 09.07.2018
Poland / Psychedelic Culture OPEN AIR

This year gathering energy from the four elements, we will be able to again dive into sounds traveling through the AIR.

Transylvaliens Festival - Romania

05.07.2018 - 08.07.2018
Romania / Transylvania

Transylvaliens is a transformational festival focused on celebrating diversity through music, arts and culture.

Noisily Festival 2018 - United Kingdom

05.07.2018 - 08.07.2018
United Kingdom / Noseley Hall

The Noisily forest floor is a playground for the surreal. It will blow your mind!

Kosmos Festival 2018 - Finland

06.07.2018 - 08.07.2018
Finland / Närhilä

Kosmos Festival is a gathering of a wide variety of people. Hypnotic techno shakes hands with freaky suomisoundi. The chill stage has been one of the biggest successes every year.

Atlas Gathering 2018 - Italy

06.07.2018 - 08.07.2018
Italy / Passo due Santi

Atlas Gathering 2018 means celebrating uniqueness! Three days of celebration in the highest Italian Electronic Music Festival.

Shankra Festival - Switzerland

10.07.2018 - 15.07.2018
Switzerland / Lostallo

SHANKRA FESTIVAL offers you a five-day experience in an uplifting natural ambient to celebrate life connecting with people from all over the world

Own Spirit Festival - Spain

12.07.2018 - 17.07.2018
Spain / Callus Masia Mas Gras

It´s time to make the world vibrate with your smile, your dance, your conscience. It´s time for a new Own Spirit Festival edition.


Fractal Fest - United States

12.07.2018 - 15.07.2018
United States / New York

Fractal Fest is an immersive event organized by FractaltribeCrew. Goal is to create an atmosphere that promotes interactivity & exploration of new experiences.

Waha Header

Waha Festival - Romania

12.07.2018 - 16.07.2018
Romania / Micfalău

Waha means celebration, manifestation, vibration, dancing, cooperation, sharing, harmony & love. Waha sounds joyful, tribal and resonant.

Lost Theory Festival 2018 - Spain

12.07.2018 - 19.07.2018
Spain / Las Hurdes

Lost Theory began as a dream to build a sustainable project where nature, technology and creativity collide.

Antaris Project 2018 - Germany

13.07.2018 - 16.07.2018
Germany / near Berlin

The 24th edition of Antaris Project will take place from 13 July to 16 July 2018, at the Flugplatz Otto Lilienthal, about 60 km west from Berlin, Germany.

Sonica Festival 2018 - Italy

18.07.2018 - 22.07.2018
Italy / Belluno

Sonica is going to take place in a new stunning venue, surrounded by the Unesco world heritage of the Friuli Dolomites Alps and crossed by the Meduna river.

Elysium Island Festival - Serbia

18.07.2018 - 22.07.2018
Serbia / Koh Chang Island

The pure psychedelic culture gathering! Come together and enjoy the Elysium Island Festival on Koh Chang Island!

Solar United Natives – SUN Festival 2018 - Hungary

19.07.2018 - 22.07.2018
Hungary / Csobánkapuszta

Come and join the family 🙂 The SUN Festival is happening again!

Infrasound Music Festival - United States

19.07.2018 - 22.07.2018
United States / 69371 County Rd C Highbridge

Infrasound Music Festival 2017 was a great weekend!! The passion of the party people is truly overwhelming, creating special moments.

Boom Festival 2018 - Portugal

22.07.2018 - 29.07.2018
Portugal / Idanha-a-Nova lake

Boom Festival is a state of mind. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture…

Habitat Festival - Germany

26.07.2018 - 29.07.2018
Germany / Flugplatz Hungriger Wolf

Im Juli öffnet das Festival auf dem Flugplatz “Hungriger Wolf” wieder seine Pforten für Bass-Bussard, Groove-Gorilla, Camp-Chamäleon & Co

OZORA Festival 2018 - Hungary

30.07.2018 - 05.08.2018
Hungary / Igar

Music is the only language the whole world understands, and though certain people understand each other’s dialects more than others


SimSalaBoom Festival - Germany

03.08.2018 - 05.08.2018
Germany / Menkendorf

SimSalaBoom intends to help you release your inner child, so that you can escape from the tedious nuances of the day. You can enjoy the smooth psychedelic music

Bachblyten Festival - Germany

03.08.2018 - 05.08.2018
Germany / Schleswig Holstein

Enjoy the sun and music in the open air for 3 days and 2 nights, dancing with friends in a family atmosphere.

MoDem Festival 2018 (Momento Demento) - Croatia

06.08.2018 - 12.08.2018
Croatia / Mjesto Primišlje

Mo:Dem Festival promotes underground psychedelic sounds and cutting edge visual and experimental art.

Samsara Festival Europe 4th Edition 2018 - Hungary

06.08.2018 - 12.08.2018
Hungary / Siófok

Samsara Festival welcomes the world’s contemporary tribes to its fourth summer celebration of the free spirit, love, peace&unity, where CHILL is the main stage.

Yaga Gathering - Lithuania

09.08.2018 - 13.08.2018
Lithuania / Spengla

Welcome to the digital temple of Yaga The Ring!

New Healing Festival 2018 - Germany

13.08.2018 - 19.08.2018
Germany / North Germany

The New Healing Festival sustainable experience camp promises a week with lots of music, art, inspiration and a beautiful party at the weekend.

WAO Festival 2018 - Italy

14.08.2018 - 20.08.2018
Italy / Monte Peglia

5 blissful days of psychedelic arts and culture in the breathtaking frame of Central Italy

Psy-Fi Festival 2018 - Netherlands

15.08.2018 - 19.08.2018
Netherlands / 8926 XE Leeuwarden

Psy-Fi is a Psychedelic music and arts festival in the Netherlands created through passion, love and unity

Wonderland Festival 2018 - Germany

23.08.2018 - 26.08.2018
Germany / Waldfrieden Events

Waldfrieden Wonderland is an unique summer festival! A lot of different styles of Psytrance styles and much more to hear and see!

Free Earth Festival - Greece

23.08.2018 - 27.08.2018
Greece / Halkidiki

Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor party scene.

Indian Spirit 2018 - Germany

30.08.2018 - 03.09.2018
Germany / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

INDIAN SPIRIT – trance because of dance – not because of drugs!

Space Safari 2018 - Belgium

31.08.2018 - 02.09.2018
Belgium / Domain De Massembre

Space Safari in the heartland of Belgium,back to the roots, come together for the safari! Join the transformational gathering!

Insomnia Electronic Music Festival 2018 - Portugal

31.08.2018 - 02.09.2018
Portugal / 3400 São Gião

Sharing the central idea of love, peace, unity and respect, by sharing electronic music! This is Insomnia in Portugal São Gião!

Connection Festival - Spain

04.09.2018 - 11.09.2018
Spain / Batán de las Monjas

Connection Festival is… Workshops, visuals, chill-out, main floor and a wide range of activities will be performed through these magical days of connection.

Hadra Trance Festival - France

06.09.2018 - 09.09.2018
France / Association du plan d'eau de Vieure

In 2018, Hadra will take you into a spaceship for an expedition under the sign of science-fiction.

Earthquake Open Air Gathering

Earthquake Open Air Gathering - Germany

06.09.2018 - 09.09.2018
Germany / near Karstädt

======== 4 Days & 3 Nights on 2 Stages =======

The Psychedelic Way – “Festival for life” - Portugal

20.09.2018 - 23.09.2018
Portugal / Central Portugal

THE PSYCHEDELIC WAY is a group of friends from London, who believe deeply in psy trance culture, and they are organising some of the best underground parties.

Desert Dance Festival - Egypt

11.10.2018 - 14.10.2018
Egypt / Big Dune Camp, Nuweiba

Fellow Desert-Dancers, we are happy and proud to once again invite you to be part of the 4-day Sinai desert dance experience!

SEUSS header

SEUSS Festival - New Zealand

30.12.2018 - 02.01.2019
New Zealand / South Head Kaipara Harbour , Auckland

AUM Productions (ॐ) will deliver absolute cutting edge entertainment to stimulate your mind, body & soul through music, light and art.

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