‘Give a man a match… he is warm for a minute. Set him on fire… he is warm for the rest of his life!’ . some of the funny quotes that come out really get you thinking….
All jokes aside… So you’ve just bought your new fire-juggling equipment. Congratulations & welcome to the warm community of fire artists. Be careful not to become the next burning man! Here are some helpful tips to ensure you can safely play with fire, and find your way among the flames!
Equipment Selection
Good quality, reliable product is rule number 1, and always check it before use. If a fire ball breaks out of the chain and shoots into the audience, you‘ll have a rough time explaining that it is just part of the show. Almost all the fire heads existing today are made of Kevlar fabric. Some companies use other advanced materials. Stay away from fire heads that are made from cotton and especially fiberglass heads. These are commonly sold in Thailand or India and are usually white in colour.
To avoid injuries and burns choose fire heads that don‘t have exposed metal parts and that don‘t have direct contact with the fire.

Where can I play?
Do not try this at home! Ok that‘s obvious – fire playing is for outdoors only and sometimes in big halls, however it‘s not just any outdoors environment or big place. Make sure that your environment is clean, free from obstacles and dry grasses etc. Keep a decent distance from your fans for their own safety. A windy evening is definitely not a good time for fire spinning. Get back to your tent!

What liquid should I use?
There are many kinds of fuels out there and they‘re all made to burn. However, fire liquid is not something you want to compromise with. The standard fuel for fire juggling is Paraffin, also known as Kerosene or lamp oil. This oil burns at a relatively low temperature and barely produces smoke. This fuel may cost a little more but in addition to your immediate safety, it will keep you healthier and make your Kevlar wicks live longer.

Practice, Practice and Practice
Earn the right to light. Get to know your fire tool. Get skilled with it. Don‘t surprise yourself with new tricks when the fire is set. Talking about surprises – remember that a soaked fire behaves differently to a dry fire. So here‘s a practical way to practice with real weight. Dip and stir your fire heads. Cover them with nylon bags and use good ribbon covers on top. These ribbon covers are always important to keep the fire heads from getting scratched or torn.

Shake it baby
Well, boys you all know how embarrassing it can be if you‘re in such a rush to the morning train that you didn‘t have time to shake it well When it comes to fire it could be a little worse than embarrassing. Use a bowl, bucket or any other liquid container to dip your fire heads. Once dipping is complete always stir your fire tool well to get rid of any extra liquid.
Here‘s an important green and money saving tip: cut a plastic bottle. Tie a loop of string to its open side. Put one of the fire heads inside the bottle. Hold your fire tool together with string and stir rapidly for at least 10 seconds. Repeat this action with the other fire heads. You‘ll be surprised to find that around 10 % of the liquid is gathered in the cut bottle and returns back to your dipping container.

Your hair and whatever is underneath
Even if you‘re not a scarecrow, your hair can catch fire just like dry straw in the summer. It only takes one wrong move. Fireproof Hair protection does not cost too much and will keep the most flammable part of your body safe. The rest of our body doesn‘t tend to catch fire easily, except for one little problem: our clothes. Polyester clothes are the worst to wear as they stick to the body when they burn.

Don‘t play on your own
If something goes wrong, your lucky fairy won‘t be able to help you. Make sure to have a real live person with you. This person will help you in case a poi wraps around you, extinguish you if you set on fire and call for help if needed. Make sure he is well equipped and knows how to assist you if something goes wrong. There are a few ways of extinguishing fires but one of the most simple and effective is a wet towel. Always have one around when playing with fire.
So we scared you a bit perhaps? The truth is quite the opposite!
Playing safe will not only keep you in one piece but when wearing the right clothes, using proper fire equipment and knowing how to play, you‘ll gain confidence and experience. Fire is beautiful. Don‘t be afraid of it. Control the fire and respect it.

The article writer is a fire performer and the Manager of Speevers Company. Speevers specializes, amongst other things, in cutting edge and safe fire equipment. With the help of innovative methods and materials we have developed, amongst other things, the Salamander the best hand held fire fan in the world, Bitis the fire meteor beast and a fire resistant clothing line. Our clothes are comfortable, easy to clean and barely absorb the fire smell and they look like your regular clothes.

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